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  1. the ones against this suggestion are the ones worried about what the "inexperienced" players will do with it. Although I agree that the inexperienced players from this community will abuse it to some extent, I don't agree that we should restrict these guns. The answer is in the punishment when it comes to rulebreaking, it is not severe, therefore these inexperienced players don't respect it. The only counter argument to this suggestion is that rulebreakers won't put their hands on them, restricting rulebreakers won't help with the issue, I agree with your suggestion and rifles should be sold in stores. A rule breaker will break rules whether it's with a knife, pistol, or fully automatic rifle. It doesn't matter, if you wanna handle the issue properly be harsher with your punishments.
  2. I read what he said and I would like to quote something that I found interesting. "Closed circle economy We have achieved after 2 years all the changes we wanted to put in place on the gamemode to work in a closed circle economy, what does this mean? Every $1 you're receiving or giving ingame is going to another player: Your taxes are going up to the government, your purchases are going into businesses' banks which are then paying their employees, expenses, etc." So, as Nervous himself said, any kind of money you receive or give will go to another player, so money stays between players, fine. But as I said before, every player has the opportunity of racking up $600,000 throughout the 3 characters he can have. That's $600,000 per player, We have on average a good 600-700 players, don't we? If we were to estimate how much money we have going back and forth between players it would be something around 300-350M. Thing is, every new player that joins will pump AT LEAST another 200K in the server, as the years go by a lot of people will come and will also leave, but the money will stay. That's my point, you're constantly pumping from 200 to 600K per player while all the money that goes around and comes around stays between the players. It is no secret that in a while money will not hold any sort of value because everyone will have so much that it doesn't even matter. We seen it before buddy, this already happened. I believe I am doing something good just for pointing this out to whoever's reading, including staff. It's a matter of time before money loses value. If money loses value then something will replace it, as I said, drugs and guns. That will be the new currency. There is time to make a change.
  3. Elaborate why I didn't get kicked by AFKing the first 40 hours of my character then, please. Also, do the test yourself and see what's what. Government bank? So you assume that players spend that money gambling, buying guns, drugs, whatever it is... And it comes back to the government? Whoever told you that is just bullshitting you, I'm sorry. There is no way even half of that money will go back to the server itself, even if they buy cars, they'll buy from players because at this point is nonsense buying from a dealership, maybe when you buy an apartment that isn't being used, then yes, that money does go back to the server, other than that? No. I'm not saying the economy is fucked right now, quite the opposite it is going strong, but this is not an economy meant to last 5 to 10 years. If every new player has the "power" of pumping $600,000 into the server, the server is constantly growing with new players, how many players we need for the "government bank" run out of money and new players stop receiving money? That won't happen buddy, there is no bank. This money comes from the server itself.
  4. Caught me by surprise that this is already an issue, but it will be way more common as the years go by, the economy this server built is not meant to last five to ten years, because people get too much money. As soon as you create an account here you instantly have the opportunity of having $600,000 split between all three characters, just by staying online, which is not even a big deal considering there's no AFK system. That's $600,000 per player, all that money comes from the server itself, not the players, while yes indeed a good amount of players will spend that money, at the end of the day is $600,000 per player. As more players join more money is pumped into the server, if everyone got money then money loses its value, something will replace that value, whether is drugs, guns or even both.
  5. Homie

    Drop a lie

    Nervous is not a creep
  6. Very good point, just would like to remind you that in every single server the police department is the faction that represents the server as a whole. Why? Because if I feel like a faction is shit, I can simply avoid it... I don't need to roleplay with a shit faction, and if even though they still force shit roleplay upon me I am allowed to post a report against the same faction and that will at least stop them from interacting with me at all. That's not the case with the PD, the whole server HAS TO ROLEPLAY WITH THEM, regardless if they're in the legal or illegal side of things. There is no such thing against posting a forum report against the PD itself, there is no such thing as avoiding roleplay with them. So when I come home to relax and I am forced to roleplay with someone who joined the PD but is not even able to roleplay a human being it jumps from a relaxing experience to a stressful one, sure, it's only a few bad apples like everyone says. But when the bad apples ONLY RECEIVE A WARNING for something ridiculous such as failing to roleplay injuries and failing to roleplay a gun on them, it makes you feel hopeless. I totally understand what the guy above said because it's frustrating, even with proper evidence screaming at your face that the guy is blatantly powergaming he still leaves with a warning. And to top everything off, they will still take 3-5 weeks (minimum) to look at your evidence. It's a joke buddy, I'm not even ranting because these things happened and turned into forum reports. It's all there for you to look, got to a point where nowadays I don't even bother sending them anything, what a warning will do? Nothing, it's that simple. If you wanna make things better and stop players from posting what I did out here, just fix your faction man. Stop giving warnings and start giving examples. Got to the point where I can't even bother sending y'all evidence. A month of wait to read "Thanks for your report X guy has received a warning", stop fucking around.
  7. I did a report against a police officer for powergaming, took something like 3 weeks to get him gone from the PD but that's only because the evidence was clear as fucking daylight, if you think that's long wait until you decide to report a staff member, shit, I'm waiting for the past two months homie. Good luck. Oh, I forgot, he didn't get removed, he chose to leave, they only gave him a warning.
  8. Homie

    Varrio Rancho 13

    u go hard dog, kinda remind me of vertido... wonder wheres that creep nowadays
  9. Homie

    Varrio Rancho 13

    HAHAHAHAHAHA this dude
  10. you don't think roleplaying in the past is viable but you think it's okay to leave 3 huge cities for 500 players? hahahahahaha buddy what you smoking on? with 500 players online you can barely catch people in the streets because of how big los santos is
  11. this is something rare in every roleplay server i've ever been up to, mostly because of rule restrictions and moaning from players that can't really take a loss. im all up to seeing some of that in here, for some reason people that join PD try to be some fucking superheros or some shit
  12. you got this shit twisted buddy, i never said that you should act like your character OOCly, it's the other way around. If you act like that character is you, while ingame of course, your roleplay is way better, the decisions you make are way more realistic, everything becomes better, you bring more immersion not only to the people around you but to yourself, it's just more fun all around, for everyone involved. hence why Valenti smashes the same key for over a decade, you must roleplay like that character is you, this made their faction the greatest ever, they're still up and running after a decade, well respected not only in LSRP but in any community you'll ever come across. they provide the greatest sort of roleplay, simply because they bring immersion to the fullest when you're around them. it's just a good time no matter what. this is the most basic rule a good roleplayer should follow, act like that character is you
  13. A good roleplayer is someone that plays like the game is real life, like the character he's playing is him, a good roleplayer is someone that takes everything around his environment into consideration, fear, addiction, hunger, weather, everything. A properly roleplayed character is that character that makes you feel like that's a real person. It's as simple as that, really. If the community was composed by the kind of player I just told y'all about, we simply wouldn't have forum reports, none of that. Play to win is inexistent when you play with AND against this kind of player. What I realized over the years is that the good roleplayer is the one that always gets what he wants, because he's welcome anywhere, either as a friend or enemy. You want to play with and against this kind of player regardless of his position. Good screenshots never made someone less of a shitty player or more of a good player, they're just screenshots.
  14. it’s too much saying that most wars are over women, some sets are fighting for so long that even them don’t know the reason, it became pure hate. wars happen literally over anything, you can say something started because of a women, sure, that happens, saying that these sets are banging against each other for so long over a women is wrong. its usually a chain of actions, sometimes shit dies down and then something silly happens, boom, back at it
  15. no? who told you that? seriously buddy you gotta stop believing everything you see on the internet, yeah there might have a set beefing with another set because someone fucked a women from that other side but it’s ridiculous for you as a faction leader to come out here and say that MOST GANGS are in war just because of women. quit the bullshit, this even makes your faction look bad if you wanna talk about this gang shit as a whole at least speak facts and not the bullshit you see on the internet, MOST gangs are beefing for decades, their newer generations were taught to hate that other set growing up, most of them are beefing and don’t even know why, it’s pure hate dont come up with “oh it’s mostly because of women” cause u talking shit buddy
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