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  1. Faction threads do not belong here.
  2. Banned for thinking "reputation" matters somehow
  3. Chey


    This is not the place for a faction thread.
  4. A huge congratulations to @The Dirty Duke. It's more than deserved.
  5. Congratulations to everyone, and welcome to the new support!
  6. You don’t see very many characters that have children. The majority of the player base portrays relatively young characters and no one wants the responsibility of a child IG, but even if the child isn’t a large focus point of your character’s day to day story, it can make for some interesting points of character motivation.
  7. Speaking from the support side of things, we're experiencing an astronomical increase in the amount of player applications we're handling. No one is intentionally sacrificing quality for quantity. We have high standards here and that hasn't changed. Where normally one or two bag eggs are slipping in, you have three times that as there are limitations to how much you can assess about a player from six questions. Many of the staff members have been being more strict than normal on applications that we're accepting to try to combat this, but there's only so much we can do. My suggestion is to immediately report these players in-game or file a forum report with RP quality management.
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