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  1. That's a fact bro. I'd rather 10 solid factions with 20 members each than 100 shitty factions with 2 members each. Plus, half of these factions opening up now are just doing the exact same shit as the others, with a different name. I'm sorry but like 75% of black street gang faction roleplayers are doing it wrong and behaving like it's a movie rather than realistically. It's so stupid. Gotta start closing people down who can't think of their character as valuable and not some unstoppable goon (ie: you're from poverty so SHOW YOUR STRUGGLE, not you being like Pablo Escobar in South Central). Also, factions need to start sorting shit out between their members rather than running to the forums anytime anything bad happens between two factions or two members. It's dumb and just creates out of character beef between them. It should honestly be a requirement to try sort shit out in game before running off to the forums.
  2. Equitise

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    The Concrete Box
  3. love from the wick to the beach
  4. Welcome To The Neighborhood / Vol. I
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