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  1. Uriz

    You got this boys, take it far
  2. Uriz

    You got this bro
  3. Uriz

    Big bad Harpy Gang!
  4. Uriz

    Benny finna go hard, glad to see you back boys!
  5. Uriz

    Take it far boys!
  6. Uriz

    This thread will show the development of the Dead End Harpys XIII gang which is a Sureno set that operates in the area of Grove Street. Something to be said, this thread development is nothing but a pre-thread, the faction's background story(Which is in development still), will be included once it's approved by the faction management team.
  7. Uriz

    Good luck, take it far
  8. Uriz

    Real shit!
  9. Uriz

    Looks promising, take it far