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  1. Uriz

    Ban ERP

    So if a kid plays the story mode and reaches to the mission where they get to film two people having sex in the outdoors which is sickening on both parts, does that mean it's R*'s fault and they shall be sued for it?
  2. Uriz

    Ban ERP

    Now I'm not really a fan of this type of Roleplay, in fact I'm one of the people who dislike ERP but let me answer to what you've written above in your thread. Grand Theft Auto V, which is the video game we are playing on GTA:W is rated M, that means it's considered as a +17y/o video game and that's in the US as far as I know, in other countries it's actually a +18y/o video game, which means it's restricted to adults and shall only be played by adults. Another thing for you to consider is the story mode, in fact if you have gone through the story mode you must have been through this mission where Franklin had to film some sort of a celebrity having an affair with a dude in her backyard, which is kinda DISTURBING for an underage kid to see and you can see that mission by clicking on HERE. Now for your concerns, if some parents allow their UNDERAGE children to play those kinda games, I might sound rude on this one but they are nothing but CARELESS and IGNORANT parents. I'm not promoting for ERP, as I said above I've never been a fan of this kind of roleplay as I've been hating on it for so long now because I find it kinda weird, but yeah just wanted to get your facts straight there bud.
  3. Name: Ron98 Comment: I guess peace isn't a thing in Los Santos anymore, those who call themselves "gangsters" shall remain behind the bars or rather executed for their horrific crimes, no sympathy for them inhuman sick fuckers.
  4. Show them how it's done boys
  5. Username: BinRobbin Comment: i mean, them hoes up El Burro be thicc forreal but u still stupid for snapping pictures of peoples' cars yknow?
  6. Completely unfair as it seems, no one can say otherwise. If there is a way to disable it, that would be perfect.
  7. already know this is gonna be sick
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