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  1. I'll have to agree with what you're saying, for the most part. Giving the fact that this is a closed economy, things can turn pretty ugly and pretty often, and people valuing their assest properly could be done through GOV instead of the business owners themselves. I'm not even completely sure this can actually work on a game since there are a lot things to consider, from the law side to the fact that people will probably find things to do so they don't lose a dime on the market.
  2. If there's a system to be made, I'm more than glad to help them make it, if they wanna do it. There aren't many companies to be listed, but with time, I believe more companies will grow into it.
  3. Exactly, that's how stock exchange works. You can't simply say 'I wanna do a stock market' and do it. It's like any market: fruits, water, meat-you can't just do it out of nowhere. It needs rules, it needs admin supervision, script, proper work into it. If you wanna run a stock market on your own, which is total bullcrap, because you can't do it, it's just impossible to do it, then just do it. I agree with that, that's why I'm against this stock market thing that CH brought up. From his point of view, people just role-play it, passing money one to another, without any actual market changes, so in the end: where is the stock market? A stock market means that the market grows, or not, based on sales, and more factors, that need to be scripted, because I can't trust player X for telling me 'hey man, we had a rough month, so your stocks now worth $0, and no dividends for you'-how can you prove that? YOU CANNOT without a proper system. Another thing, currently, I believe we would have like 5-10(max) companies ready for a stock market. Any small businesses(bars, dealerships, clubs ,etc.) are out of the discussion because those cannot be on a stock market, since it's impossible for their financial status.
  4. You're talking about companies looking for investors, not stockholders. Small businesses can't even be listed on a stock market, they don't appear there because in order to be listed you'll have to be big enough and powerful enough so people will buy your stocks, that's the whole point: big companies sell stocks because there's always people looking up to them and buying. No one is gonna invest in a small business that's almost into bankrupcy, especially for that: going bankrupt, meaning that the business cannot survive and that's the way it goes. Sorry, without a proper script to list companies to a certain stock market, to see how their sales(through script) will determine the stock price..this is just for the sake of it.
  5. This guy pretty much sums up why there's no need for a stock market. People use IPOs to gain money for their business, when they no longer want to loan or to invest their money. Companies on GTAW don't invest money, because there's no money to invest: employers are easy to pay, competition isn't really competition, and so on.
  6. This would need script in order to work, you can't just role-play the stock market, because no matter what, you'll role-play it in your advantage. You'll need more than one company to be in it, maybe some state companies(eletricity, gas, etc.) to be part of it. Also, it needs a script based on its sales, so the price and actually go up and down based on their sales, based on the market, on their image, etc. It's a really long road and it needs a lot of work done before it can be functionally, so far what you're doing is basically just some role-play. See, businesses need to list for a stock market exchange, meaning there has to be an IPO, so normally no business(besides the state ones, owned by the server itself) should be in the market before the opening. Read about how DOW was made to see more information about it. I find the idea really bad, without a script, you're just asking people to pay money for stocks that are not there. Dividends are supposed to be paid when your business makes some proffit, so you either give it back to the stockholders or invest it. How would you even be able to prove to your investors that you made money? I find the entire thing really fishy and I doubt it'll work withouth a proper script. The script can bring a lot of role-play and it can actually bring a proper stock exchange system which can be beneficial both for investors and business holders too. I'm down to help the staff with a system that can make a market, but otherwise, the entire point of just role-playing this would be cool without the money involved.
  7. Hello, I am interested in a job, where is this company located?
  8. this reminds me of Sopranos, looking sharp!
  9. Following this. I must say, this is beyond my expectations.
  10. Yea but think about the timezones, I role-play at morning hours where are like 100-200 people. I find it more suitable using commands.
  11. I think the best thing to do would be that the owner of the property would allow the tenants to live there through a command. Example: you type /rent for a house, the owner accepts or denies it, so this way you don't have any unknown tenants or too many tenants. Also, when they are requesting to rent, you would see his name and phone number, so it would be nice to call him and role-play the renting thing.
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