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  1. Justitiae

  2. Justitiae

    What's the context behind those screenshots? Would be good to have some context, seeing people gathered around a desk doesn't really say much. Good progress nevertheless!
  3. I don't think that's the case, buildings in GTA/OpenIV are split up, so for instance if I edit/retexture/modify the exterior of one Cool Beans, it won't do the same for the other Cool Beans throughout the city.
  4. With regards to modding it's certainly possible, the issue here though is whether it'd be something Nervous and his team are open to. Removing parts from an exteriors such as outdoor seating if it's not needed, and dealing with retextures shouldn't even be an issue - the size of altered files will always be small, and the more stuff removed from it the better.
  5. That's why I suggested it would be an excellent idea to have these 'signs' or anything that might indicate the type of place altered to suit the kind of business someone's running, but ultimately that's up to Management/Nervous, but overall it'd be better to have a modding team work on requests made by business owners if they want an exterior retextured or remodelled.
  6. Sure, but my point is, if for instance, they want to open up a simple club or bar, and Cool Beans has an exterior that's fitting or it appeals to them, then why not if it can be retextured/modded, of course. Things don't follow a set build model, so nothing can be unfitting our out of place if they're changed. At the moment, I can see why it might be a bit off being in an interior that looks like a club or bar, while the exterior isn't matching - but if it's all adapted and adjusted to the environment by using environmental mods then I don't see why not.
  7. I don't even know if this is possible just yet, but just a thought for anyone to consider or encourage. If it's really such a big deal, I'm sure exteriors of buildings could be modded/retextured to suit whatever brand you have in mind. Such an opportunity would be great, but whether it'd be put into action lies solely in Management's hands. It'd be nice to drift away from the GTA V lore in regards to businesses, I'm sure people want to see unique names, brands, etc. Anyway, that's just some food for thought. Personally, I'd love the modding team to be able to perfectly work on requests made by businesses owners if they wish the exterior of the building they own worked on.
  8. Justitiae

    AUTHOR: JOSEPHINA GARBERT-SMITHE 3 MIN READ LOS SANTOS, San Andreas — The Conservative State Executive Committee (SEC) has named Cara Salim, previous Liberty City political activist, as the new Party Secretary. Salim is expected to replace Secretary Kate Noona immediately, who has suffered a recent heart attack and is rapidly facing decline in health. "I think Miss Salim will prove to be an excellent Secretary, she's an extremely bright and talented individual who I think will contribute much to the Party and the State Executive Committee during her tenure." Disraeli stated during an interview. "We've discussed potential candidates for the position, but we feel she has what it takes." Cara Salim started her political career in her home city of Liberty City, where she frequently helped coach other members of her political party on what critics are now considering a unique approach to politics. "It's basically like presenting simple arguments as the public might see them, and drilling politicians on how to prepare for the optics of their policies." Political analyst Jerry O'Doyle noted during an interview. "It's a silly concept on paper, but it actually goes some length to teach, to help someone learn how they're being viewed. What better a way to practice for what your opponents might throw at you, than to have someone willing to help you see what your opponents are thinking?" When asked for further comment, Disraeli concluded the interview by saying: "Any questions, concerns or complaints you may wish to make about anything, policy related or not, or if you wish to arrange an appointment to meet with the party leadership to discuss any issue you may have, Miss Salim should be your point of contact from hereon. Thank you." ### Topics Conservative SA Politics / News / 2020 SEC / Party Secretary / Cara Salim / Executive Committee
  9. Justitiae

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  12. Justitiae

    AUTHOR: SHANNON BERNSTEIN 2 MIN READ LOS SANTOS, San Andreas — The Chair of the Conservative Party of San Andreas, Wilhelm Huber, has announced his resignation earlier tonight, dealing a blow to hopes of demonstrating unity in the face of the threat from the Republicans and the Democrats. He has been forced to step aside after internal discussion showed party officials actively favouring a shift in leadership to new hands for a better chance at achieving social and economic conservative values. “I have made the realization that in order for those to whom I may have caused pain and who need to heal, for my own health, and in the best interest of the Party that I love and to which I have dedicated myself for years, it is in everyone’s best interest for me to resign my position as Chair of the Conservative Party,” said Huber, 35. Internally, the resignation may reduce tensions. Nevertheless, the turmoil risks undermining public attempts to show that the Conservatives are standing on unstable ground and the requirement to fix its internal fracturing caused by this sudden announcement. It will also raise new questions about the source leading to Huber’s resignation, which had emerged spontaneously tonight. Earlier, Isaac Disraeli, the Party’s Treasurer stated: “I think he should resign, period.” “I don’t think he is qualified to be the Chair of the Party,” he added. “We need a party that reaches out to working people and young people. And I don’t think his leadership style, nor the values he possesses does that.” With this said, it is believed that with the resignation of Huber, Hartmann and Disraeli will take the reigns for now until the party decides to make a more formal announcement regarding its plans and ambitions to move forward in the near future. ### Topics Conservative SA Politics / News / 2020 SEC / Wilhelm Huber / Executive Committee