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  1. took you look enough to get this going, take it far
  2. Gustavo was born on January 17 2000 to two Mexican parents. Gustavo grew up in Chamberlain hills and was immediately involved in the Tortilla Flats 13 gang that dominated the area. During his early years in the gang was heavily involved in activities such as armed robberies, assaults and other various crimes. Due to this heavy gang influence from a young age and the disregard from his single, he found himself in significant trouble with the law as his extensive string of crimes caught up to him. Due to this, Gustavo was sent to SAYA (San Andreas Youth Authority) also known as Gladiator School where he further cemented himself - it was also here where he earned his moniker of ‘Loner’ due to his reclusive and naturally quiet nature. As is natural in SAYA, Gustavo was also involved in several fights during his time and came out more solidified as an individual than he went in. After Gustavo got released from SAYA he immediately went back to his home in Chamberlain and retorted to his original gangbanging ways, eventually catching a lengthy sentence in Bolingbroke for his participation in an assault with a deadly weapon. Gustavo was taken out of his element inside prison and had to quickly adapt to the politics and hierarchy on the inside. As a Sureno, he got with the program of his people and contributed wherever he could. From sending messages to participating in hits. It was also in prison where he developed an addiction to pescription drugs which has been something he suffers from till now. In the present day, Gustavo is out and seen around Chamberlain - this thread will follow the development of Gustavo and demonstrates the progress made for this character.
  3. Jesus, I actually pmed Nervous to ask if he added real-time TV inside the game. You really photoshopped that yourself? It looks fucking narly my slime.
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