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  1. Username: greatamerica666 Comment: Thank God! Hopefully a more productive person will take his place.
  2. Username: LiaF Comment: You are right Freddy, thanks for speaking up!
  3. Education roleplay was a topic many times before, I would love to see this happening.
  4. Edit: 07/JUL/2020 Last day I was informed by a freshly resigned employee, that three people resigned from the government. The City is now running without Social Services. Maybe one person remained, who isn't doing anything else than grabbing her paycheck from time to time. The change is coming, people. You do not have to close your eyes when it comes to politics. Rockford and his criminal team have to go! Still waiting for your answer, Rockford. When will you speak with the people? We will organize a peaceful protest this weekend if you leave us without answers. You need to work, or you need to go. **The original message is now edited with a followup on 07/JUL/2020; people with RSS feed are notified.**
  5. Based on my time in the faction, I have to agree with @Alexandra_Forge and @ashlyii. Whoever says the government is active is simply delusional. To be fair with the faction, I have to say, some of the departments are doing their job completely well, for example, I can't really say a bad word against the Financial Department. On the other hand, I find the criticism against the leaders completely legitimate. The current leaders of the faction are inactive, both IC and OOC. They never really participate in discussions, when a faction member wants to change something they just simply shut down the discussion and say "they will mute the channel" if you say they are inactive. At this point, this is indeed an OOC problem because matter of fact, we do not have elections at the moment. I have no idea who and when put them in place but right now, they have no place in the leader's chair in my honest opinion. They made many good things in the past, they created a kinda okay framework but now they are clearly unmotivated to be and stay proactive with the faction.
  6. Username: greatamerica666 Comment: Will the Mayor comment the incident? HELLO
  7. Username: greatamerica666 Comment: I'm excited to see how the mayor will handle the situation
  8. Username: greatamerica666 Comment: I heard the assistant sheriff is a pig and likes to beat childs
  9. I will not support any of these ideas until you guys haven't tried to make a change in-character first. Your options are not limited to hiring a security firm and going to the police. Think about the situation, see where the problem coming from and organize a group to make some change. In reality, if a certain crime is too common in an area, people organize groups to step up against the issue. They can protect each other, they can make petitions for harsher laws, they can protest for more extreme police actions, they can protest for a dedicated task force just for this reason and a million other things. As I see now, you guys wish to solve this issue with new rules without even trying to make in-character changes first. You can make $30,000 a day with a two-hour opening, even though you cry when someone extorts your business for $20,000 a week. This is not okay in my eyes. I agree, extortion is a problem and needs to be solved but not with new rules. You need to step up, organize something, and handle this thing just like how you would handle in reality. Protests for police action, new laws, anything.
  10. Something is already under development to solve this issue.
  11. Username: greatamerica666 Comment: ok but elections when?! **Sent from Vespucci Beach.**
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