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  1. Purchased! ((Please L&A, thanks!))
  2. Looking to purchase a Lampadati Novak, preferably modified. If you have what I'm looking for drop a text #42775873 or shoot me an email at [email protected] ((forum pm))
  3. Sold for buyout offer ((Please L&A))
  4. For sale an apartment on Occupation Avenue, just behind the Hawick clothing store. No longer need the apartment therefore selling it. Gallery (Interior/Exterior) : https://imgur.com/a/YvuGpq4 Auction will end around 48 hours from now: 07/08/20 4pm ((server time)) to highest bidder. Market value: $115,000 Furniture value: $25,359 Buyout price: $370,000 Starting bid: $150,000 Minimum bid increase: $10,000
  5. $100,000 - B.Ivy
  6. Purchased! ((PLEASE L&A))
  7. Looking to buy a Double-T, preferably modified, if you got one, send me an email [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) or contact me on #3592030
  8. Looking to purchase a Baller LE LWB, preferably modified. Email me if ya' got one [email protected]((FORUM PM))
  9. Rating: 5/5 Name: Brooklyn Ivy Comment: Viewed a Sentinel XS, took it on a test drive and ended up purchasing it. Great customer service, would highly recommend!
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