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  1. **Listing would be removed**
  2. **Listing would be posted back up.**
  3. Username: Anderson Bid: $215,000.00
  4. *Listing would be removed indicating it was rented out.*
  5. FOR RENT: View all images here. Apartment in West Vinewood is up for rent. $275.00 per cycle for an exclusive tenant. For information & viewings, please email me at [email protected] Features include: Two bedrooms. Open dining, living, and kitchen area. All utilities included. Close to shops, restaurants, and night life. Washer/Dryer combo. Pet friendly ($350.00 nonrefundable fee). Wood flooring. Alarm system. Covered parking.
  6. Property has been sold. L&A.
  7. Full list of property images found here. Up for sale is the cozy Coconut Cafe Bar & Grill located in La Puerta. For more information, viewings or to offer please call #92749731 or email [email protected] Features include: Seating up to 19 inside + bar and outside seating. Fully complete menus and logo. Sizable kitchen. 400+ various stock items, ready for sale. ($50,000 est.) Two blocks from beach. Recently renovated, fully ready to be opened. Market price: $150,000. Furniture worth: $57,925.
  8. I paid the market price for it, so I'd like to get the most I can out of it. Would you go up to one fifteen?
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