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  1. Pruto

    Drop a lie

    I am prioritizing important stuff over GTAW
  2. Thanks everyone for the support! The challenge we're facing right now regarding the location is specifically: we need to find a farm that we can own ICly. It's not so easy to find with minimal money, and house requests are closed on the UCP. Testers/admins have been less than helpful so far. We can sort it out somehow, I'm sure.
  3. OK so if more people are interested let me know. I have a few that are already interested, and we should all get in touch. Right now the thing we're putting our focus on is finding a location to rp our farm. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. It would be cool to have the country side very active with people, though. Like imagine there's a few farmers and fishermen out there and they form a group of friends. They gather at a bar, sometimes they will have to get their cars fixed, buy groceries... etc. etc. A community can form that way.
  5. I have it on the ucp. I noticed some guys have their donator rank displayed on their forum account. How can I get this?
  6. Probably not what you want to hear but I'm also interested in this. If you figure something out I will want to join you.
  7. Pruto


    I have been smoking for 10 years now. The only upside I can think of is that you feel kind of a connection with other smokers, like you belong to the same club where you accept each other for what you are, at least for the moment you're smoking together. Downsides include (but are not limited to): -Takes up about 10%-20% of my salary -My clothes, car, etc. smell of smoke -Spots on my teeth have started forming -When I can't smoke for a long time I get really agitated (for instance when flying intercontinentally) -OH YEAH CANCER Don't start it. It's not worth it.
  8. Username: SosLantos Comment: Haha great!
  9. Hey I'm just here to say that I'm excited to see the formation of these parties. I hope we can, like you said, have debates, petitions and protests etc. I hope political RP in this server will flourish. As for the engagement; I can understand it can be hard to get people excited about it. Even IRL I find most people just don't have any interest, so let alone in a videogame. That said; one important thing I have to add is that, I think, people will get much more enthusiastic about it when they feel like they actually have an impact. I think from 'your' side you should focus on that. Have regular votes/meetings with the public etc. Make people believe that they can change a traffic rule, a parking prohibition, or get an event approved by government if they engage with them. If people feel like they can make their lives a little better by engaging in politics, maybe they will try. On the other hand; if it feels like it takes a long time to get anything through, it will feel like a waste of time and people will lose interest for sure. EDIT: We have a republican and libertarian party?
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