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  1. Netsrac

    Later that day..
  2. Netsrac

    A new trend? It fell off a truck, clearly Later that day..
  3. Netsrac

    Early hours game time with low players, probably just shows are most euros on the server has jobs and studies that need attending irl.
  4. Netsrac

    I currently RP a student, but mostly I just RP him attending school, while I am at work. Since it works out nicely in terms of time spent oocly and with the ingame server time aswell.
  5. Netsrac

  6. Netsrac

    Anything can go wrong, even the simple things
  7. Netsrac

    Delete please, posted in the wrong place
  8. Netsrac

  9. Netsrac

  10. Netsrac

    This is what happens when you fall in with the wrong crowd Later that same night..
  11. Netsrac

  12. Netsrac

  13. Netsrac

    Passing time with the homies.. A few days later.. A day at the range
  14. Netsrac