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  1. Netsrac

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    Later that day..
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    Later that day..
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    Aight lets start this out shall we 😛
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  6. Daniel 'Minor' Pena Rub St, Vespucci, Los Santos - Circa 2019 The past Daniel Pena, born to third generation Mexican-Americans grew up in a broken home in the Vespucci Projects on Rub Street. His mother working as an overworked maid and his father a maintenance worker in the projects where they live. Due to his violent home life, he took to the streets for guidance. Here he would seek out what he could not get from his drunken and often violent father and non caring mother. At a young age Daniel started spending more time with the big homies around the projects than he did at home, he would hang around with them. Eventually becoming a full fledged sureno gang member at the age of 14. (This thread will follow the development of Daniel Pena as he works to secure a good life for himself while he deals with whatever the world can throw at him.)
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    Wes Watson has some good points that's for sure
  9. Netsrac

    Just to chime in on the set patrols in certain areas. I think this would help in the cops building relation ships with the people in their patrol areas. Which again, might help the cops into seeing kids and other people. Not just as criminals, but as people and minors when dealing with them
  10. Netsrac

    Have fun with it, bro!
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    Pretty good guide, well written and to the point
  12. Netsrac

    Nat I didnt even know you where heading up that unit 😮 But I'll poke you about such things from now on>:P