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  1. Netsrac

    Ceval Picador for sale. The car is in exelent condition, having been attentended by compentent mechanic for service and other. Recent changes made to the car, to improve performance. Contact me with any offer at [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  2. Netsrac

    The hype is real
  3. User: Christos Comment: Fucking about time they did something about that place, I remember some months ago, they came knocking on the door at the mirror Park tavern.. Sure took them their sweet time though, but good to see something being done
  4. Netsrac

    Sweet thanks, now I know where to post the actual bug report 😄 Thanks!
  5. Netsrac

    Since getting the Taxi job quite some time ago, I've had this annoying bug thats making it quite hard to be a taxi driver. The bug it self is that I am unable to see when people put in taxi request. But I can see them when they cancel them, which is really annoying. I believe I was talking with Dashing about it the other day, but that did not result in a fix. It is making it quite hard to work as a taxi driver, so I was hoping there is a fix out there.
  6. Netsrac

    Will we see the misfits over here?
  7. Netsrac

  8. Netsrac

    Looking to buy Burrito. Send me a msg to the following mail [email protected] ((Forum pm))
  9. Netsrac

    (( No not anymore, please close it down ))
  10. Looking to buy a Zombie Bobber, if you are looking to sell, contact me with the following: *With your asking price *Images of the bike *Any upgrades to the bikes preformance. [email protected] ((Forum pm))
  11. Netsrac

    Looking good
  12. Netsrac

    Yeah thats what I thought, thanks for making it clear.
  13. Netsrac

    Updating Lenny Keeping your customers happy, should be your #1 priority
  14. Netsrac

    I've been wondering about something. The rules state that you can't rob for over 5000$, but is that only counting actual cash or is that also items? Like say a person is carrying or is storing fish, copper or alchohol on their person or vehicle. That sold would be worth more than 5000$ can you then take it all or does the rule prevent you from taking the stuff from their person or their car and its content