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  1. Netsrac

    I can agree with this, i think a school would get stale fairly quickly. And maybe a community center might be a better way to go? But I think something like a school or Comunity center would be good. It gives people a localized point for RP, that Isnt just your factions RP hub and what not. So players will interact with other people that doesn't have anything to do with their gang or whatever it might be. It could also be a good place for example a gang intervention group to stake their roots, try and get young kids out of gangs and such. The possibilities are endless. It's the same thing that prison is doing to groups of RP'ers right now.
  2. Netsrac

    I really like this art, looks pretty good. 😁
  3. Netsrac

  4. Netsrac

    I think it would be able to bring in lots of RP for everybody involved.
  5. Netsrac

    Fairly sure lots of people have tried to do this. But I'm not big into that scene, so if they succeeded I couldn't tell you.
  6. Netsrac

    Maybe not a faction persay, but like a gang intervention group. And works toward getting youth out of gangs. I think that'd be cool to see.
  7. Netsrac

    Chamberlain Apartment block
  8. What we are getting is a jail. Jail IRL are mostly ran by the Sheriffs aswell so that part does make sense. I would have liked to see a prison over jail. But I'll take what I can get.
  9. Netsrac

    David LTD
  10. Username: Dany Comment: Man the cops gotta roll deep whenever they go to south ce trak, cus they are shook.