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  1. DeAngelo

    Pretends to be a cop, army man and a doctor with airsoft outfits.
  2. DeAngelo

  3. DeAngelo

    This is not going to happen. They literally left.
  4. DeAngelo

    dont ruin it ckuz
  5. DeAngelo

    shit, a week with no bodies?????? I feel like giving u bit of respect
  6. @Crocker hi man it me yes 3
  7. DeAngelo

    So you're telling me, a guy who've robbed someone and got caught, shoots a cop with his piss poor roleplay just to get gunned down and avoid jail is up to standards? If CK is enforced on that it won't change jack shit. Robbing people to farm guns while already having guns and more than enough $$ to buy more is what I'm talking about. Let's be real, you consider any South Central faction up to standards and with any background what so ever? Edit: As Brett said, this is off topic so hit my pms. On the topic though, I agree.
  8. DeAngelo

    Before you can speak on PK/CK's you need to improve overall quality of illegal roleplay. Robberies are being executed so poorly to purely farm guns while having multiple thousands. There is no background for 85%. Shooting at cops should be punishable by long ajails/temp bans. For once we should start doing what we had to do 2 years ago and enforce high roleplay standards.
  9. You do understand that 80% of their thread is scripted roleplay for screenshots, right? Ik they've been reaching out oocly just to link up icly to hold meetings and talks with X parties. So this example is very poor. Only factions you can learn from is ABZ and that's period. It's the only faction that doesn't do w/e the fuck everyone else is doing.
  10. And that is a very good mindset to not ruin your entire faction. Illegal roleplayers don't need mallrats to feed them roleplay, matter the fact it makes no sense for gang members to have friends come with their pariah's dressed like hookers and hiding their pf guns in their waist that is fully exposed but yet no, magical clothing is covering it up. Matter the fact there is a reason nobody roleplays with you. And until you make any realistic way for obtaining your 4 cars, 250k apartment and hookers dresscode don't bother trying to roleplay with any illegal factions. And no, working as a bartender for 2 weeks to buy a club yourself is not development.