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  1. ((As an ooc note to whoever is interested in applying, make sure the character you are applying as is not a part of an official faction as the clinic has turned into an official faction not too long ago. Thank you! ))
  2. 1. Last Name: 2. First Name: 3. Middle Name: 4. Date of Birth: 5. Phone Number: 6. Country of Citizenship: 7. Residential adress: 8. Sex: [-] Male [-] Female [-] Other 9. What position are you applying for? [-] Medical Doctor [-] Pharmacist 10. Do you have a clean criminal record? [-] Yes [-] No 11. Do you possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivilent? [-] Yes [-] No 12. Provide the college/university degrees you have obtained below: Answer Signature: Date:
  3. The Infinity Medical Clinic is a vibrant and diverse community focused on education and learning, the discovery of new knowledge, and service to the State of San Andreas region and beyond. We embrace and embody an inclusive culture where our staff members feel valued and have the opportunity to add value, making the clinic a great place to pursue your passions and grow your career! We are often on the lookout for new faces! Please check below for our current vacancies. Medical Staff: Medical Doctor Job Description: We are looking for talented individuals to fill the position of Medical Doctor under the Medical Ward. As a Medical Doctor, you are expected to provide care to sick and injured patients. You will be expected to conduct physical examinations as well as liase with other healthcare professionals if deemed necessary. Other duties include administrating medication topically, orally and via intravenous or intramuscular injections and prescribing apt medications and lifestyle altercations. Position Requirements: → Medical Degree. → Adherance to health and ethical codes, including when under duress. → Strong ability to triage and multitask. → Ability to work under stress. → Clean criminal record. Medical Staff: Pharmacist Job Description: We are looking for talented individuals to fill the position of Pharmacist under the Medical Ward. As a Pharmacist, you are expected to handle the pharmacy of the clinic. You will be responsible for dispensing controlled medication to patients in the proper doses and explaining how and when to use these medications, having into consideration that the prescriptions of said medications have been reviewed. You will also be expected to offer advice on nutrition, exercise, stress management and other general health issues, sometimes pointing customers to over-the-counter medications that might treat their symptoms. Other duties include liasing with other healthcare professionals if needed. Position Requirements: → Medical or Pharmacy Degree. → Clear and concise verbal communication when administrating medication to patients. → Ability to maintain active listening while communicating with co-workers and patients. → Physical stamina as the majority of the shift will be spent standing up. → Clean criminal record. How can I apply? You can apply by sending your application privately to the Medical Manager's email (( Forum PM Mecovy )) - please bear in mind that you must use the application form below in the case of applying via mail, otherwise your application will be denied. Make sure the title of your application states the position you are applying for and your name (for example: Pharmacist Application - Penelope Galant). After successfully sending out your application, a member of the Department of Human Resources will reach out to you with either an invitation to an interview or a denial. Danielle Shaw Medical Doctor, Medical Manager 14/JUL/2020
  4. I'm on social club and I don't think I have tried doing that!
  5. So after the recent update by Nervous, we are all supposed to be playing on version 1.50.1. I ran RageMP and tried logging on the server but an error label pops up. So far I have tried reinstalling ragemp from the original site and running the updater. I didn't uninstall the game but I simply installed it again since it doesn't allow me to uninstall the game at all. What can I possibly do to fix it? I want to log in. ?
  6. That's too much for a roleplay community like ours. If you want to personally rp being in quarantine, you can do it of course. But this is a matter of 'escaping reality' as some mentioned above and unfortunately some of us don't want to bring our reality into the platform and RP such things. Every day more and more people are suffering from this horrid virus and said suffering shouldn't be a way to entertain ourselves in a video game or anywhere. It's an immoral move at this time. So please, don't make this a reality. As mentioned above...
  7. It is a necessary addition for a specific amount of players. Just like the block parties are for you. The only difference being that those events are public and more social-friendly, people don't go to the gym to meet new friends, they go there to work out. The lack of events is what makes players resort to those places only to find new friends to interact with. It isn't unrealistic to find new friends in a gym, of course, but it isn't the reason that people register on them, they all do to keep fit and work out, not to talk through their mental issues with their personal trainers... I made this discussion in the hopes of bringing awareness to the normal players and not to the admins since players are the ones that can host events. I expect more social-oriented activities in the server. Here is what I would prefer seeing in the server more frequently: Of course these are only examples and there can be many more activities, hopefully you understand now... So far I understood that I am responsible for it and can host it myself, depending on what activity I want to host. But of course there are activities that require more funds and planning, like an organised group trip at the county for example. I want to know if that is what the community is looking forward to. Apparently there are people that would find them useful. I also want to know if someone would be interested to contribute to such activities or if there can be alternative ways to promote social interaction across the server, mainly for people that want to keep a slow approach on their interactions and have no social ties, or even for the ones that do not like clubs and the like. There are many different role-players and I'm unable to know what the majority wants. So far my post has been upvoted two times within a day, it isn't that much but it shows that I'm not the only one who is under the same belief, at least. I have also received some constructive feedback on this discussion as well! Anyway... let's try to not slide off the topic, I'm not answering to irrelevant things.
  8. Apparently some people noticed that I made a mistake before by calling one's events to be only representing illegal roleplayers because I only paid attention at a certain few of them, and everyone seems to be sticking to this one phrase of mine which is completely off topic as to what I'm trying to bring up. Some of them indeed represent illegal roleplayers and some of them don't. OK. I went to a charity event myself and I'm not even roleplaying illegal. Of course house parties are for everyone and so are the speeches and protests (that is to say, I have never seen speeches and protests take place on the server, ever). But it is still a fact that all the provided events of yours are things that take place after you find people to interact with, and it is not easy for newcomers, civilian/legal RPers to find people to interact with in the first place, thus why I brought up the social-oriented events. Please try not to sway off the topic and not stick to a sole mistake of mine that I did by accident.
  9. Thank you all for the answers that you have provided so far! I have to clarify that this is not for my character's benefit as I have already solved that problem for myself. It is an addition, if not a requirement, for all the other civilian RPers on the server, and especially the ones that want to take a slow and realistic approach on things. As you know the server's vast majority consists of civilian RPers, some of them being more 'realistic' characters and others simply messing around. The above events that you have participated in do not represent the legal/civilian rpers, but the ones roleplaying in gangs. The BBQ event however is surely something that should be more encouraged and frequent. Common sense. 1) My character development. 2) My excessively low funds. I wouldn't mind creating a new character to be the one to host said events, but I will need to go through business applications, and of course I need the appropriate funds and people. I'm not too familiar with this whole process and I'll need more experienced players to help me out. I already did, this isn't "my IC problem" as many have mentioned above. As I previously mentioned, "It isn't only for my own benefit as I have been playing for quite a while, it's for everyone that desires to keep a realistic and slow approach when making new friends and doing things, and doesn't want to rp getting drunk and laid in their first day in the server." In other words, it is an addition that should be there as we all know that said events are more social-oriented and are a must for big cities like Los Santos/Los Angeles. I'm sorry but unfortunately, it is very unlikely to find new friends in bakeries and restaurants in reality. People go there with their friends or alone to eat and have a chat with their friends, or simply to buy sweets and so fourth. Those places are mostly useful ONCE you already have some people to RP with, unless your character is very sociable and likes meeting people everywhere he/she goes. Facebrowser is a useful platform, but the community is way too toxic and dull taking into account that they could comment on anybody's post/picture without even knowing the person they're commenting to. Of course I'm referring to a portion of the community and not everyone that has an account there!
  10. Hi, apparently there have been many discussions that have to do with the server's lack of organised-realistic events and it didn't take much for me to notice. I would like to point out some facts that most people have noticed before I move on with the topic. Everyday there are the following events/openings that take place on this server: 1) Mechanic garages/shops openings or simply self-reliant mechanics offering their services 2) Coffee shops and restaurants that work for the favour of mafia organisations or simply a VERY specific group of people 3) Sometimes bars, pubs and lounges 4) Gyms (usually Vespucci Sports) 5) And lately, medical clinics. At night, I usually see the following events/openings take place: 1) Same as above, usually without the Gyms. 2) Nightclubs and lounges. 3) Car events(?) and things along those lines that focus on a very certain group of civilians. So... what I don't understand here is, how are some characters going to interact with each other with the above events being the only particular things that are taking place almost daily? The most common outcome of this obvious lack of server events are characters (usually the ones that AVOID bars and nightclubs like mine) resorting to gyms only to find other characters to interact with. It is a known fact that Vespucci Sports has turned into a social hub according to many and that is unfortunately the server's fault as a whole and not the individual's fault, since there are no certain activities taking place in the server that could attract people that are not interested in clubs and such. The most usual way to find friends and meet people on this server is by going to nightclubs or by going to the gym, unless you want to take a more unrealistic approach to it. Unfortunately this isn't very usual in reality and we all know it... it is more common for example to find new friends in school, in a lecture, at your job or in an organised activity that you choose to take part in. An organised activity is for instance a cultural event, a paid or free cooking/art lecture, a camping trip, a group trip, even by volunteering you can meet new friends! Even the charity event yesterday did its own fair share. We all know there are more things in big cities to do than visiting bars and nightclubs crowded with four different groups of people, bikers, mafia leaders, social media "influencers" and in some rare cases government workers. I would like to see more social-oriented activities on the server and I'm pretty sure many others are under the same belief, especially the newer members. This is more of a discussion for now, and is something that will be helpful for newer members and newer characters as well. It isn't only for my own benefit as I have been playing for quite a while, it's for everyone that desires to keep a realistic and slow approach when making new friends and doing things, and doesn't want to rp getting drunk and laid in their first day in the server. Please if you want, provide your own feedback and opinion on how we can bring more organised events for the server's greater good, or even if that is doable in the first place...
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