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  1. Mask_AC4B

    Haha Edit: good luck.
  2. Mask_AC4B

    Got high hopes for this.
  3. Mask_AC4B

    Captain back at it with his mischiefs. Keep it up g!
  4. Mask_AC4B

    Crutches sends his regards
  5. Mask_AC4B

    Fire screens, GL with this.
  6. Mask_AC4B

    You are the guy that went to rancho in an attempt to unite The gangs under your eme on your first day on The server and got killed instantly. You got called out for it and denied it cause you are patethic, then staff confirmed it was you and you went into hiding. Now you are just trolling cause you werent allowed to play with them. Fucking patethic piece of trash. Edit: go brag more about how you were eme on lsrp when you are a nobody in reality.
  7. Mask_AC4B

    Looks Great
  8. Mask_AC4B

    Chomo park pedos had me cracking up
  9. Mask_AC4B

    Best of luck, looks good
  10. Mask_AC4B

    Nello The king