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    Username: DXNTRXEDONMECOUSINFUCKER301 Comment: Bunch of dirty porch monkeys, that steal from hard-working people and can't pull up their pants, 2020 maga fuckers.
  2. Straight To Selling.
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    You got an image of the tattoo?
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    A good amount of legal roleplayers, unlike lsrp where like 70% of the people playing are all criminals ICly.
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    Spoiled bug was fixed.
  7. Tools / Programs you'll be needing. Make sure to read the guide below! https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/14693/quick-start-guide-to-modding-grand-theft-auto-v\ Once you've read the guide, you'll be needing. [- OpenIV [- Photo Editing Software (1) Once you've got both of those programs open up your GTA 5 Root Folder. (2) Copy the file x64w.rpf From your GTA 5 Root folder, this is one of the rpf's that contain tattoos. (3) Once done, open OpenIV (4) Click edit mode in the top right corner, when the prompt window shows up click YES. (4) Open the mods folder then open x64w.rpf>dlcpacks (5) You'll see some folders such as these below, I'm not sure if all them contain tattoos but I do know that "mpbeach" "mpbusiness" "mpbusiness2" contain tattoos so for now we'll open mpbeach>dlcrpf>x64>models>cdimages>mpbeach_ped_mp_overlay_txds.rpf (6) Now all these files are tattoos, the ones that contain mp_bea_tat_m = Male Tattoos mp_bea_tat_F = Female tattoos (7) So now let's open mp_bea_tat_m_004.ytd by double-clicking it, this will be a face tattoo, once you've opened it make sure to export the selected as DDS to you're desktop. ((Keep OpenIV Open during this entire process so you won't lose track.)) Once you've done that open it in your photo editing program, edit/remake the tattoo. ((I'd suggest keeping in the tattoo area so it doesn't look wide or deformed./ Also, keep an original file of the tattoo in-case you mess up.)) Once you've made your tattoo replace it inside of OpenIV, make sure to click save. Before you close OpenIV. The end Result should look like this.
  8. 4eno

    Good shi