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  1. Klunk

    Looks good, can't wait to see more.
  2. Klunk

    Yes, Already have the outfit ready!
  3. Character Name: Samantha Schoenmaker Forum Name: AgentKlunk Discord Name: Klunk Property ID: 1510 Property Type (House/Business): Business/Warehouse Number of Interior You Want on the List: 14 or 20 if possible Price of Interior: $ - Not sure as no price is displayed Location of Property: 1232 Mirror Park Blvd Garage - Just behind the Mirror Park Plaza Screenshot of the Exterior of your house: I, AgentKlunk, have the cash on hand and I am ready to receive the property request change. I agree to all the rules and understand that I may be subject to denial/punishment if I disobey the rules.
  4. Klunk

    Yeah go for it, I've killed them off now
  5. Klunk

    I have a character I want to kill off but they have a PF license, is there a way I can have the PF and weapons taken away so I can change the character?