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  1. The videos look awesome. I can smell the effort and hours and hours you guys put into them. Congratulations.
  2. JimmyCZ

    Moved to forwarded suggestions. We had a chit chat with Rukka yesterday and he said he has to implement that. Thank you for the suggestion :)
  3. JimmyCZ

    Rukka will be adding the speed limits into the vehicle code, he knows about it.
  4. JimmyCZ

    Congratulations guys :)
  5. JimmyCZ

    I am looking forward to be part of this server in a few months when it will be the biggest and the most popular GTA V RP server. Thank you all for making my stay enjoyable :)
  6. JimmyCZ

    I am not going to support this suggestion mainly because Nervous' reply. I feel it's better for us not to share that much of an information publicly for said reasons, however, I do support fact that people should be given that information upon request but that is already happening as per Nervous' reply.
  7. JimmyCZ

    You can delete your character via the UCP, do you think there are other issues that could be brought up via your suggested request board?
  8. JimmyCZ

    I am going to archive this since the management team has means to recover deleted stuff in case it's deleted by a hacker or anyone else. No need for the suggestion to be implemented. Thank you for the suggestion though.
  9. JimmyCZ

    I don't feel any delay when it comes to the list. I have tried multiple times and it shows me on the list as soon as I log in and I don't see myself on the list as soon as I log off. I am not sure if the UCP shows active or online players but if it shows only active ones, I am definitely going to support this suggestion since people go in game based on how many players are in game. I can imagine a situation where there are more players online but they can be grinding mining or fishing or be in a traffic stop or in some sort of stationary roleplay so they are definitely worth being mentioned in the list.
  10. JimmyCZ

    Agreed 100%. People use street names when reporting crimes or updating you with their location, it's hard to find the streets or even the address these days. This would definitely help a lot plus it's real for people to have a GPS that is able to find a specific address. Supporting.
  11. JimmyCZ

    I agree with this, we should be able to refuel at some GOV gas pump, doesn't matter where it's gonna be. I just want to mention that PD has active AIR division and is probably going to have active boats so we can go ahead and place one of these "free" gas pumps somewhere near any airport around the state and one where the PD boats will be based. Would save time and suggestion posts in the future.
  12. JimmyCZ

    Congratulations :)
  13. JimmyCZ

    Chapter two, part four - Pursuit
  14. JimmyCZ

    Slow and solid development. I enjoy reading these. Keep up the good work :)
  15. JimmyCZ

    Chapter two, part three - Day and night.