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  1. Smilesville

    There's an inherent problem with this statement you're missing - if high command is able to donate enough money to cover the entirety of a department's budget, this only proves that we have a massive issue with paycheck amounts. The manner in which revenue is drawn into the city is highly unrealistic as it is; there's really no scarcity to contend with that would make any IC actions surrounding a government agency's budget contentious in the least. I'd be willing to wager that it doesn't have to spend money on unemployment checks that go to players every hour either, despite this is (realistically) where they would come from. Perhaps the road taxes lumped into the GOV's bank account, rather than being eaten by the server with the assumption that they go to, you know, road maintenance. On an anecdotal note, I've not been terribly impressed with what I've seen from the GOV faction thus far. If the half-cocked nature of particular IC events is indicative of what goes on behind the scenes, I have very little confidence that budgets are being done in a manner that is mindful of the balance of the economy - it seems more likely to me that a budget is justified by the absurd paycheck amounts and approved on that basis, though I could definitely be wrong. I'm glad that an examination is being done of the state of the city's finances, however. None of this is anyone's fault in particular, either - we simply have an imperfect system and are feeling the ramifications of something that could be solved very easily. However, for one reason or another that I've outlined above, we seem to refuse to do it.
  2. Smilesville

    I understand! I just think it's important to be semantically correct with the points we bring up in support of a new legal paycheck system that only works when an individual is on duty. It'll take some time to see how the "closed loop" concept for the economy will impact wages and such, of course (they'll be lowered dramatically, is my prediction.)
  3. Smilesville

    If you're at the gates of being a supervisor making that amount, you're being taxed for already having over $600k worth of assets - something that any other individual with that sort of wealth would be paying. However, subtracting $500 is much more to someone whose check is only $800 - you're making nearly six times what any other individual would make per check. I would contend that this is entirely too much. $2,000 for an hour's of work is a decent benchmark to measure civilian earning potential through RP businesses by (without owning one yourself, which I will get into more detail on below,) but even with the global asset tax you make nearly that much every hour regardless of what you're doing. As stated above, RP jobs pay next to nothing in relation to the legal org paychecks; the best money you'll ever make is owning a bar and running it all by yourself while attracting enough customers every night to consistently max out the GOV bonus - not exactly an innovative RP choice, but it's what works. An extremely dedicated individual would have to run the bar and restock it consistently every day in order to make about $30k a night, give or take. This is also an absurd amount of money for a few hours of work - but the difference between this and the legal faction paychecks is that this system is in the process of being removed. Legal faction paychecks are, to my knowledge, remaining untouched. The only people who should be making anywhere close to $1,750 per check are the individuals at the very top. With regards to inflation, the solution to that problem isn't more money pumped into the economy, but less. To truly combat inflation, you have to stem the tide of cash going into the system - brewing was neutered to this end, mining is soon to follow, and it's time for legal org paychecks to join them. I'm sympathetic to the argument that legal org members are not free to pursue side work, which is why I would not desire to see the improved paycheck removed altogether - but again, it's demoralizing to see that any job that comes remotely close to a legal org paycheck (brewing, mining) is neutered. One could argue that the police could have cracked down on illegal brewing/mining to "deal with the money problem IC," but that's not remotely close to how things ended up because the staff (correctly) identified the issue as originating with the server's system itself. Why they refuse to do the same for legal org paychecks is beyond me. Now, there's talk of "RP jobs" but is anyone under the illusion these will pay remotely well, especially given that the primary motivator for removing mining and brewing is the earning potential? With the removal of the GOV bonus per entry to RP'd businesses, you're going to see any sort of legal, non-org paycheck slashed substantially. The amount does not matter to me so much as the disparity between the two income levels as a percentage, and I anticipate that gap will only widen with the newest update. I would contend that slashing the paycheck would have the added effect of improving the RP quality of the faction as a whole and thus eliminating some of your frustrations; those who are simply there for the paycheck and doing the bare minimum will find an excuse to bow out, and what you'll be left with are the people who actually want to be there - and that enthusiasm is contagious.
  4. Smilesville

    With all the changes incoming to the business system and talk of removing mining from the equation, now is a good time to bring up other aspects damaging the economy that typically don't get talked about. One income method in particular is a sore spot for me because it seems that many players are unaware as to just how much cash this method brings in. I am, of course, referring to legal organizations - specifically the Police Department, Fire Department, Government Faction, and (admittedly somewhat self-correcting) Weazel News. For those of you who're in the dark about this, every hour (regardless of whether they're on duty or not) the members of these factions make significantly more than other players for each paycheck period. It's trivial to bump your paycheck up to $2,500 in the Fire Department, and while the police and Weazel do temper their checks in relation to this somewhat, this is still above and beyond the capability of any other player. The very fact that specific figures are not published publicly on the legal organization websites (save for one exception) seems indicative that the individuals involved know that their pay scale is so far out of touch with the rest of the server. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that all 10 of the most wealthy characters on the server are likely members of legal organizations or individuals who purchased a name change after a tenure at a legal organization - and that's a problem. I've heard many criticisms about my suggestion to lower these: But they're providing a service to the realism of the server! The members of these organizations receive their paycheck regardless of how often they're on duty - every hour, it comes in at the same rate. Minimum activity mandates are in place, but the counter that tracks them has been broken for quite some time. They're also restricted from an unrealistic portrayal of their character by purchasing expensive cars and houses, even though they can mechanically do it - so why are they receiving money they're not permitted to use? While we're on the subject of realism, perhaps we should scale the salaries of the job's real life occupational counterparts. In the United States, the salary range for a police officer rests at about $50,759 to $59,219. A firefighter/EMT makes between $34,580 and $57,620. The salary range of a vehicle service technician (mechanic, in server parlance) is $41,650 to $56,770. A locksmith's (metallurgist's) pay range is $44,043 to $57,231 or, if we want to call them welders, $47,870 to $64,170. None of these have the officer making two, three, or four times the other "civilian" occupations. They do a lot of work off the server, too. What you do off the server should not impact your pay grade on the server. If we reduce the paychecks, people will leave these organizations en masse, or they won't want to do the forum work. Let them; if they're more concerned about the number on their paycheck than the roleplay in their faction (that is what we're here for, after all) then they clearly lack the quality necessary to portray a member of one of these organizations effectively. I guarantee you that the saturation of sub-par players is driving away those who would portray the role much better. With regards to the other roles that these individuals fulfill (licensing on the forums comes to mind,) if nobody is having fun playing a particular scenario, why is it part of the game? It's an IC issue since they have a budget, why is this an OOC discussion? Sadly, this is not the case. The budget itself is an OOC fabrication designed to approximate how much the department will need for a given time; my understanding is that it's simply refilled whenever it empties itself. If a staff member has to get involved to put more cash into an organization's bank account because they've run out, then it's an OOC issue - do you know of any organization other than those listed above that would see their bank account flooded in this manner? Furthermore, the budget isn't assigned with a scarcity of funds in mind (as any realistic governmental policy would dictate) and the system bears no resemblance to how any governmental agency in the United States would actually work. The organizations will not police their own income scales, as they've clearly been given time to do, and the damage is being done to the economy of the entire server. Seeing as it is the structure of the server that has created the wide IC disparity between these income levels, as well as the amount of discretion given to the leaders of these server-sponsored legal organizations, it is ultimately the structure of the server that must change. The suggested solutions place too much emphasis on OOC assets, we shouldn't worry about them. If this is the case, there is no reason to keep the paychecks in the legal organizations so high, since actually spending the entirety of that money often leads to what is typically ruled an unrealistic portrayal of their character. What else is there to do with it, then, than throw it at their friends? So if we've established that this is a problem for the server as a whole, how do we solve the issue? A number of proposals I've heard over my tenure with the server would take steps to normalizing the pay of these organizations to bring them in line with other jobs on the server. Lower the pay grade overall. The simplest solution with the least amount of scripting required - and my personal choice. The short of it being, no individual on the server should be making more than $1,600 per paycheck. This doesn't leave a lot of room to bump pay up, but those $100-200 per grade add up fast not only because they're making up to twice the base income as someone else, but the expenditures (rent/insurance costs, road taxes, property values) do not scale up to the increased check size. Keep pay the same, but only pay it out while a member is on duty. It has been proposed to keep two separate time tracks for each member of a legal organization - one for the amount of time spent on duty, and another for the amount of time spent off duty. Filling up 60 minutes of off-duty time would result in a payout of $800, while the on-duty track would pay out at the current rate. My criticism of this particular solution is that this further enforces the notion of having a "robotic" character, 100% of whose online time is dedicated to their job - this tends to result in a caricature rather than a character. However, I am not unsympathetic to the argument that some sort of bonus is necessary even while the character is not "on duty" for these organizations. Lower the pay to the standard $800 employment check, but grant World Points or other rewards for members. I haven't seen this suggested often, but am curious about what everyone else's thoughts are on it regardless. I don't see it happening, especially at the cost of monetary donations that keep the server running, but the idea could hold some promise if a proper balance is drawn. The idea of taking suggestion #1 and lowering all the paychecks substantially while offering something as simple as, say, different walk styles across an account so long as activity mandates have been met is not without merit. What do you think? Do we need to implement a different incentive for individuals to put in the often tedious OOC work to be a member of these factions? What could keep these foundational, legal organizations attractive to players without providing an unrealistic incentive?
  5. In short, the crime rates in Los Santos (as well as the relative dilapidation and disuse of the courts) have led Keigo's bosses to believe that establishing a presence in the city could be of net benefit to the clan back at home. From the perspective of the clan patriarch, Keigo is a cautious and conservative member of their ranks, and as such was selected as a viable candidate for establishing a new segment of the Yakuza in Los Santos - in return for an infusion in cash and support for his operations in the short term, the clan expects a significant return on the investment they've poured into Keigo's venture. Such a large scale decision could only have been made after establishing he could handle a smaller investment. Though intelligent and ambitious, Keigo's financial background did not allow for the pursuit of higher education until the yakuza came into the picture - who, in lower income parts of Japan, are frequently regarded as folk heroes of a sort. In return, his legal expertise served the clan's financial goals - namely, engaging in lawsuits bordering on frivolity and going through the legal process of Discovery against various companies. Despite the outcome of the suit, he could legally glean information that could be passed on to others within the clan to make the process of Social Engineering much easier (and, thereby, take the clan one step closer to discovering any misbehavior by a company's executives.) This information made the process of blackmail and extortion that much easier. His methods became less effective as his name took on a negative connotation in legal circles, but his work up to the point of his transfer had nonetheless been of net benefit to the clan and he had already been to the Americas to study law; this made him one of the natural selections for the clan bosses to send. From Keigo's standpoint, he had little choice but to accept the offer (refusal likely meant the removal of one of his fingers,) and it is also the only vehicle by which he can achieve upward mobility in the political structure of the clan from his current position - engaging in skullduggery against his fellow officers would be a foolish endeavor given his primarily legalistic expertise. The primary goal the clan hopes to accomplish is the smuggling of firearms back to Japan; such are the restrictions and penalties for possession of a firearm in the country that a weapon costing $1,000 in the United States may fetch ten times its value in Japan. California (or San Andreas) is definitely one of the harsher states in the U.S. with regards to firearms regulations, but its location has a great deal of significance as the closest state to Hawaii, which already has an established Yakuza presence and gun running operation, and so a presence in the state would be an ideal staging ground for smuggling operations back to Japan.
  6. UCP name: Smilesville Source character name: Edmund Wade Destination character name: Keigo Kamoshida Amount of money: $100,000 Assets to transfer (vehicles, houses): Vapid Blade What is the current roleplay of your source character? Edmund Wade is a manager at the Vanilla Unicorn who sticks within the law as best he can while fending off the hordes of illegal organizations that come knocking looking for an easy payday. What is the current roleplay of your destination character? Keigo Kamoshida is a new arrival to Los Santos from Tokyo, intent on creating a legal practice and propagating his family for the sake of the broader yakuza clan. Why do you need these assets on your destination character? Simply put, because the other blue collar methods of capital acquisition are fairly unrealistic for an individual with a degree in law and the lieutenant of a multinational criminal organization, of which Kamoshida is both. The general idea is that he was sent to Los Santos in order to extend the reach of the clan by founding his own family with a bit of financial backing to make his life easier, with the expectation that the head of the main clan will be expecting a significant return on his investment after a certain amount of time has elapsed. To this end, the purpose of the initial injection of funds is twofold – first, to more accurately portray a higher class of individual arriving in Los Santos is simply impossible without asset transfers of this nature. Second, the funds will be instrumental in allowing Kamoshida to establish himself in Los Santos in a manner that, realistically, he would already be able to do. The fees for applying to be licensed to practice law in Los Santos is one such consideration, as well as the rather expensive nature of tattoos (of which Kamoshida will need several to accurately portray the criminal organization to which he belongs.) Without an asset transfer, and without a realistic way to obtain capital while waiting for the paychecks to tick over, I am left with less than ideal choice: wait an arbitrary amount of time for paychecks to tick over, or break character so that I can mechanically afford to portray Kamoshida properly. Why do you think It would be realistic for you to receive these assets on your destination character? For a successful individual to arrive to Los Santos with nothing in terms of tangible assets is unrealistic in and of itself, especially considering the background and intended destination of the character. I would much prefer to dive into the meat of my character's story rather than waste it mining or completing repetitive, menial tasks to afford fees associated with where he should be.
  7. User: Guest#9101 Comment: Frank Bachinco: The VU staff are degenerates and we have fake stats to prove it Also Frank Bachinco: Let me measure my balls live on air with a measuring tape Datawars: The license department just wanted to enforce order Also Datawars: FUCK OLIVIA MORALIZARD Lol this site is such a fuckin joke, complain about degenerates while they have people on staff from Spankys, a porno company that literally raped girls, shameful as fuck they turned into the propaganda machine they claimed to fight
  8. Smilesville

    5/11, never really cared for Warcraft beyond 3.
  9. User: Guest#268151 Comment: Lol getting all your friends to post tht they agree with you is so damn pathetic, yall pick the only business not run by fuckin criminals and target it, enjoy CORRUPTION OF A PUBLIC OFFICE
  10. User: Guest#218761 Comment: lol they didnt send us shit before they tried to shut us down, all this shit happened because a prick got told off, he literally said "I dont have to follow the penal code" then went and bitched to the mayor?? how about CORRUPTION OF A PUBLIC OFFICE for all these assholes, they should all be in jail
  11. Smilesville

    Por que no los dos? Why not keep the current system for those who'd like to use it, but also include this system for those who'd like a more streamlined approach to the creation and editing of their character's appearance?
  12. Smilesville

    One could easily coordinate with an admin to make this possible, though - the point I'm making is that these things are already possible and that staff intervention in this particular matter is not necessarily a bad thing.
  13. Smilesville

    I don't think these two things are compatible. How is this different than asking for an admin for permission to perform the robbery? I guarantee you the cops are going to ask for the CCTV footage every single time. Not that many people used the old robbery system, mind you - it was so incredibly slanted towards the police with regards to the time it took to rob the joint, it ended up only being used when there were no police online since 95% of all other cases ended in arrest.
  14. Smilesville

    My observation has been that the reason we can have 100+ individuals online but nobody outside is because it's simply too risky to be outside. The server is entirely too adversarial. It seems like every time the server is updated, a good 50-75% of the update is exclusive to the police that make up 10% of the server. With legal organizations making absurd amounts of paycheck money and illegal organizations having a leg up in everything else through the application of violence, playing someone who's part of neither the police nor an illegal organization comes with the distinct impression that your style of play is a mere afterthought or a backdrop compared to these two. Even if the staff punished gangers who roll through Mirror Park and rob every individual they see, and even if the robber is completely in the wrong, the fact of the matter is that your scene has still been disrupted. For every rulebreaking robber that's punished, two more crop up, so why bother with that possibility when you could just RP in an interior instead? That's the logic that turns the server into a ghost town. My advice? Find a way to make locations safe from the idiot who just got his hands on a dufflebag and a sawed-off, and people will roleplay there. How do we do it? Well, I've got two suggestions. Change crime-free zones to expand and contract to certain areas depending on the time of day. A scripted reminder when you're entering and exiting a crime-free zone. So we end up with something like this: Mirror Park is safe from the hours of 6am to 10pm, and every time someone enters the predefined area during this period, they'd get a notification: "You are now entering a crime-free zone. Be familiar with the rules surrounding them." No more misunderstandings surrounding what is and isn't a crime-free zone, and on top of that you'd have people willing to venture from their properties and actually get to know their neighbors and whatnot.
  15. This came up from Ethanol with regards to being able to set your name as a masked individual - that "it would be used for trolling, therefore we should not allow it on the server." We can't allow a few immature individuals to keep us from features that would be otherwise extremely beneficial to the server. Wouldn't it be great for a car thief to leave behind evidence of their crime, for instance? Or a vandal to throw up a description of a broken window? I'm all for allowing anyone to add to a vehicle or property description, with three caveats: Only the author of a comment can remove it, with the exception of the owner of the vehicle, who can remove anything. Roleplaying a description created by someone other than the owner is optional. Administrators can see who added which part of a description. Let the rules take care of people who abuse the system; let's not allow fear of trolling to be why we can't have nice things. If you're terribly concerned about what someone might add to a vehicle or property description, create some rules governing it (and fix the rest of them, while you're at it.)