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  1. Smilesville

    Unfortunately, the atmosphere on the server is such that it's nigh on impossible to obtain a weapon - even from a supplier. Your best bet as a criminal character is... probably to steal a weapon from a PF holder; I know it doesn't create RP for anyone, but until the staff changes the server dynamics by changing how factions and suppliers interact, I don't see many changes on the horizon.
  2. Smilesville

    It hasn't been brought up because it's a non-issue; I'm not concerned with how you're using that money or how much of it you /charity - I am concerned with someone explaining why you receive it at all. If it's true that they come down heavily on non-RP use of the money, why do you receive so much to begin with? Wouldn't it be much easier to solve the underlying issue than to root through every character's assets and use a subjective basis to determine whether they're using the funds properly or not?
  3. Smilesville

    That's more because staff has a particular idea in their heads about what constitutes an acceptable number of suppliers - one that differs significantly from mine, sad to say. The only weapons you'll probably find for sale on the street are stolen PF license weapons because the suppliers align themselves with a faction and then... refuse to sell to anyone who's not in their group of friends. Because the supply is low, the demand is high, ergo the problem you're facing - it really has little to do with the generalized economy.
  4. Smilesville

    We already have luxuries to spend money on apart from these two - planes come to mind. I haven't seen a single individual purchase one who hasn't been a part of one of these legal organizations that dump cash on you, and that's part of the problem. Anything we introduce will either be readily available to the masses, or will only be available to PD/FD. That has to change before we can introduce any other sort of luxury and expect it to have the intended effect.
  5. Smilesville

    Except it doesn't - though I don't blame you for having this misconception. If you pay one gang and a second comes knocking at your door, you can't just mention the first and be done with it. The second gang finds it much easier to torch you than deal with the first gang, and the first gang couldn't give two shits about fighting another gang to maintain their income. Each will just burn you down if you point to the other. It's literally a no-win scenario, so the only viable path is to shoot them yourself to prevent further extortion attempts and hire a bunch of people with guns - and at that point, they're practically a gang themselves. That's part of what's wrong with criminal RP.
  6. Smilesville

    As a manager of a business that's suffered countless extortion attempts, I can't emphasize enough how true this is. I've also dealt with the problem in a wide variety of ways (and seen it dealt with in the ways I haven't personally utilized.) Let's be clear about one thing, though - the police aren't a realistic option, given how quickly you'll be out of jail (with even more of a reason to return with more goons and burn the place down.) We can then go back to the police, and they'll shrug their shoulders and tell us they can't do anything, or the cycle of incarceration > revenge > report to police begins again, so that's out. Honestly, just plugging you looks like a pretty decent option on the face, and it's much more realistic than... calling the police when we know you'll be out in two days to get your buddies together and torch the business to the ground.
  7. Smilesville

    That's a fair assessment - but again, the caliber doesn't matter quite so much if the bullet only grazes you. A close friend of mine is a homicide detective and has described the .22 round far more deadly than larger rounds, depending on where it hits you - so it's very much open to interpretation. Matching the effort given by the aggressor isn't a bad solution on a personal level. However, when determining whether or not someone has roleplayed an injury properly in the context of making an administrative decision, the underlying supposition is that the rules are a set of black and white principles that are understood by everyone - which, in my experience, isn't exactly the case.
  8. Smilesville

    Some people are faster than others, and if you leave that up to players to RP out, you're going to see the resurgence of every character being a grizzled military veteran. That's a big no from me, dawg. Let a player's reflexes decide; it's better than any other solution short of forcing mechanical stats.
  9. Smilesville

    We all know it's bad not to roleplay injuries - being hit with a taser and running off as soon as you jump up without a substantial RP reason, for example, is bad form that's likely to get you a room in that lovely garage sitting below the map. However, my experience has been that there's a lot of room for interpretation and a bevy of misinformation surrounding exactly what sorts of injuries will incapacitate a person. How often have you seen this argument? "I shot so-and-so in the back, but they kept running, so they were powergaming." Without much knowledge of how firearms and/or human pain response work(s), one might erroneously believe the above statement to be true; furthermore, this brings us to a difficult judgment to make due to the limited capabilities of our engine and typing speeds, not to mention potential desync that can result in two individuals who make correct judgments based on the information they have - while also having conflicting judgments with regards to the situation due to no fault of their own. It's entirely possible someone may report me if I run away after being shot in the head, but I could easily claim that the part of my head they hit was my cheek, or an argument similar to that effect - and because I was not mechanically downed, I had no obligation to stop mid-flight and type out something (an action that would most certainly make future assault via firearm unrealistically easy for the aggressor.) My personal litmus test has been whether or not I'm rendered "down" by the script, barring a few exceptions (high-speed car crashes being one of them.) The rules really have nothing to say on the matter, and rooting through report after report to establish precedent isn't something players should have to do - with that in mind, what are your standards with regards to roleplaying injuries?
  10. Smilesville

    I proposed a solution a while back that would award financial benefits to a business based on how long you were able to keep people engaged with your business, as opposed to simply giving you a bonus for getting them in the door; given that the government grants and credit line don't address the problem as was alleged when the thread was locked, perhaps it's time to reconsider something like that.
  11. Smilesville

    More or less like you do in single player; lower the crane, then pick the car up - be sure to emote what you're doing and actually go back there to attach the tow line (because anything less is more or less powergaming.) Whether or not a switchblade is legal depends on how you roleplay it. Any knife over three inches in length cannot be carried about.
  12. Smilesville

    BANNED 28-FEB-2019 18:01:30 Indefinitely Atiku Smilesville Never replying to Discord messages.
  13. Smilesville

    Except that's not what would happen at all. To put the situation with the government in perspective, server staff refuses to touch the absurd paychecks that members of legal organizations receive - they say it's all an IC situation and point me to the mayor and the GOV faction as the individuals responsible. The individual who plays the mayor sees no problem with this, and thinks of it as creating a "class of consumers." He believes he is choosing who has the capacity to determine what constitutes success in the marketplace. A direct statement has been that,since they have the money in the faction bank, they're going to spend it on the Police and Fire Departments, and on Weazel. With me so far? Any extra income would not go to stimulus programs; the only reason those exist was because Olivia Morales was ejected from her seat for proposing the very taxes that Rockford went and implemented. If you deprive the businesses of this bonus without a suitable alternative, you're only adding fuel to the fire and placing more script power in the hands of individuals who use it irresponsibly. Which brings me to my next point. We need a new system, but having someone manually choose which businesses do and do not receive the bonus is a terrible idea. Individual opinions vary on what constitutes quality roleplay, so how can we ensure that we can, objectively, measure player interest in a particular concept? I proposed an idea to address that very issue - and you can see for yourself whose opinion was instrumental in its denial. Now that we've progressed for some time and proven that the government systems do not, in fact, fix the issues we're facing... maybe it's time to reconsider formulating a bonus based on how many customers and employees your business has.
  14. Smilesville

    Well, it's been attempted in the past, and the result was that the fire chief demanded a law change prohibiting others from offering emergency medical transport. I can understand the cynicism.