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  1. @St3fan[NL] just wondering since you said it'd lag the server right now. Could it be possible to do it and not be laggy in the future?
  2. So the decrease in profitibality was inveitable. Not only was it inflated due to unrestricted numbers of tenants per property, it was also ridiculous that some could recoup a signficant portion of their property's worth by simply renting it out for a week. This new system is far better. The hourly system made absolutely no sense at all. It essentially rewarded players who play less and punished players who played more, and vice versa for landlords. The price for renting a property should not change based on how much you play. Now, the price is completely static and a lot more realistic. Landlords can opt to rent out their property for weeks or months at a time, or any other time frame. The only real 'issue' is that the payment is no longer automatic, and like you said some may forget to pay. But really that is an IC issue, if a tenant doesn't pay, send them an eviction notice. Another option is to contact your tenants personally and remind them rent is due via SMS, a call, an IC forum PM, etc. I believe this was 100% done with the intention of requiring landlords to actual do more 'landlord stuff' such as this, perfectly fine in my opinion. This will no doubt change the typical price for renting a property on the server, and will more than likely lower it, but I wouldn't be surprised if people would still pay high amounts. Sure, it might be eye opening when they figure out their $350/hr apartment was costing them $35,000 over the course of a month, but if they paid it before, they can pay it now. But even that is a flawed comparison as that still takes into account how much a player plays, which should be irrelevant. Tenants may decide to stop paying for such expensive housing, but that is then down to landlords to adjust their prices accordingly to attract tenants. There also needs to be a rule implemented which requires players to be living in some accomodation after 50 - 100 hours or something, unless they are roleplaying homeless or something similar. By that time, all of the starter money is obtained and is a completely realistic timeframe for someone to be able to find some housing. This is a realistic expectation of players and would also bring more life to renting/landlord RP.
  3. Take a look at The Pilots Lounge. The Pilots Lounge - Album
  4. There should be a license you are required to get before opening a dealership, and also an appropriate lot with a building. This is important as it requires people to put in some effort, rather than just buying a few cars, going to an empty parking lot, and throwing up an ad. I also think there needs to be a restriction for when you can sell a car after buying it, 3 days sounds reasonable.
  5. I think part of the problem is people selling most properties for the max (3x market price + furniture price). It's not uncommon to find people asking the max for a property with a blank interior, where is the sense in that? There should be some changes to the rules which force empty interior buildings to be worth just their market price, and properties with GTA interiors are worth their market price + interior cost. As for custom interiors, if someone does a very shitty/low effort interior and asks for max price, perhaps PM could step in and work out a fair price for both seller/buyer. For high quality interiors, the current rules would apply.
  6. Find the recently renovated Rubicon open now in Vinewood. The Rubicon - Album
  7. You two were the ones that decided to dive into specifics, and some of those details are relevant in a broader sense. Also, it isn't just the PD I'm interested in.
  8. @goddessoflife as I've said multiple times, the scope of this thread is outside the single instance we had, and that is clear in the first post. Also just because you or @xanx have gave your input, does not mean the thread is over, quite narrow minded to think that. The thread is for all PD/SD/FD and people who have interacted with them. For example, when speaking to someone from the SD on Discord, they were surprised to find out the PD have to do an entire report for every traffic stop. Sure, that discussion didn't take place in this thread, but that was the exact sort of thing I was looking to learn from this thread.
  9. I guess it can be hard to pick up subtleties sometimes but I'm very aware of your so called reasons for the length of the stop, I just don't buy them. As many others have said, if a traffic stop is taking longer than 10 minutes, something is wrong. For the sake of the thread, lets no longer talk about this specific incident. Your completely missing the point. Absolutely no one is asking to skip RP or avoid the consequences that are coming their way. People are simply asking if the RP they are about to endure can be sped up, as no one likes sitting in a car doing absolutely nothing for close to half an hour. Some have said create your own RP in that time? Like what? There isn't a great deal of RP to be done while waiting for the officers, and certainly nothing that fills the void a traffic stop currently takes. From the time traffic stops take, it can seem like this has to be the reason, as it's very hard to fathom how they can take so long. This was the reason the thread was created, to have a better understanding of why these interactions take so long. From what people have said, it just seems like people either aren't familiarizing themselves enough with the processes/RP their faction requires of them, or that discussed attitude is real. That's literally part of the job you applied for. Don't like it? Don't do it. Surely you of all people know traffic stops are the bread and butter of the PD. IC issue. If this were to happen IRL I'd be banned from driving. If you don't think the punishment fits the crime, push for reform.
  10. A recently renovated apartment at 210 Cougar Avenue. 210 Cougar Avenue - Album
  11. The guy's simply stating would there be much loss of RP/quality of RP by fitting what happened into 15 minutes rather than 30 minutes, especially when someone's made it clear they need to get going or whatever. And no, it is not unique to PD or SD. ICly I run an interior design business and RP contracts and so on, but if someone makes it clear they're just about to get off and would like to /setrent and speed up the RP as much as possible, of course I'm going to accomodate that. I don't see why people are so reluctant to make people's lives easier in the game. No one's asking to skip RP or skip any repurcussions, they're just asking to speed up things so people can move on and go about their day.
  12. In my experience I haven't had a single traffic stop which took less than 20 minutes, granted I've only had about 3 or 4 personally, and a handful while friends were driving. Also, I can't see how you could say your average stop last 10 minutes or less, when mine took almost half an hour (granted there was an ALPR glitch or whatever you said) but still, where is all that extra time going? @owen is spot on too. Annoying, pedantic interactions with the PD repeatedly could easily turn someone away from the server. Unnecessarily keeping people in an RP or dragging it out as long as possible is just selfish. Circles back to the "if I have to be here, you have to as well" point I made, which according to you, is essential. But is it really? I think people need to respect other people's time (which many in this thread say they do) and understand holding someone for almost 30 minutes for what should be a 10 minute interaction is just rude. And for those slower players who can't do things at an appropriate speed, let them continue on with their day and do the reports/whatever else needs to be done after they leave.
  13. So I get that there seems to be a lot of extra work involved in being a police officer, but isn't that what you signed up for? I also don't understand your point of doing reports after you let the suspect go, surely it takes the same amount of time whether they are in front of you in their car or not? You're still unable to respond to new situations for the exact same amount of time. If anything I would say it seems more appropriate to do that, since if there is a very pressing situation going on, you then have the opportunity to respond and do the work later, something which makes sense to do ICly. It still feels like people are being held in situations longer than they need to be, whether that's an IC issue or not. It's as if the attitude is "if I need to be here, so do you" which like I said previously, if that's how you get enjoyment from the game, go ahead. But when people are openly expressing that they are short on time or need to leave, it's inconsiderate to have that attitude and act on it.
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