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  1. Player outfits should be treated as items and players should have the ability to carry outfits in backpacks etc and roleplay wearing them anywhere.
  2. Miami

    This property has already been sold. ((Should've probably checked the thread before, but oh well))
  3. Miami

    ⚠️ An anonymous bid has been submitted. System Message: An anonymous bid of $270'000 has been submitted. The next bid step is $280'000. ________________________________________________________________ ⚠️ An update was made. System Message: The owner has set a buy out price of $370'000. ________________________________________________________________ (( The bid was made through PM, PM me for proof.))
  4. Miami

    Casey's Diner For Sale! This beautiful business property located in the heart of La Mesa is now for sale. The owner is looking to start bidding at $ 270'000 Details: Name: Casey's Diner Address: Popular Street, La Mesa Capacity: 44 covers The owner has decided to activate bidding for this property. To bid, please click here.
  5. Miami

    1️⃣ You have received a notification! Username: vhayes Phone Number: click to request Topic: Bestia GTS For Sale Hey, I'd like to know what the insurance premiums on a vehicle like this costs? Thanks for responding, V.H.
  6. Looking for An Investment Opportunity in Los Santos Young entrepreneur looking for an investment opportunity in Los Santos or in the area surrounding it. Preferably a small office building, an open plan business, or any business that is seeking a new owner. Please submit your proposals to [email protected] ((pm)). * This is a paid advertisement. Learn more
  7. Miami

    Error 404 The page you are looking for is unavailable. The URL you're seeking has either been deleted or does not exist. Please visit our support page for more information. ((Vehicle sold))
  8. Miami

    Beautiful Burgundy Comet SR FOR SALE! This beautiful 2019 Comet SR, painted in Burgundy Red has just hit the market and it is now yours for the taking! The owner is looking for $180,000 OBO! Details: 2019 Model Year 300 mi. - All highway Stage 3 tune all around, Stage 2 suspension. Vanity Plate Contact Info: V.H. 530-25448 [email protected] ((forum pm)) 5/11/2019 7:49PM