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  1. (...) Oh there ain't no rest for the wicked Money don't grow on trees I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed There ain't nothing in this world for free Oh no, I can't slow down, I can't hold back Though you know, I wish I could Oh no there ain't no rest for the wicked Until we close our eyes for good
  2. Damn I remember this guy and his friend Bishop! Glad to see you back.
  3. What I've seen from Vespucci is not gang roleplay at all. It's a bunch of 16yo who doesn't have a glimpse of reality DMing each other and involving others on that activity. I've RPed there for 3 months and what I've seen was: Deathmatch, poor reason to kill, lack of knowledge on how a drug deal is performed, bad roleplay approaches as a criminal. I once was stopped by a guy from a faction which I'm not going to mention that said "You look mafioso to me" just because of the surname. The problem is deeper than just violence, the problem is POOR PORTRAYAL of the character. I've been in Vespucci back in 2019 and it wasn't like that, some heavy roleplayers used to be there, now there are just DM factions and that's the cold truth.
  4. joaoivis


    Delete please.
  5. Ends in 24h from last bid.
  6. Small nutrition supplement, sports wear and gym apparel store located in Vespucci. Comes with enough stock to be up and running upon purchase. Well located aand profitable business with a beautiful sunset view of Los Santos. STARDING BID: $180.000 BID STEP: $5.000 BUYOUT: $357.000 PICTURES OLYMPUS SPORTS MENU (( OOC: Market Price: $95,000 Furniture Worth: $22,311 Custom Shop Script: $50,000 ))
  7. I don't remember the name I used but I've been in NGRP with some LCN factions and a URL char under a guy called Rocco Inferno or something. Fun times, good head to head races with sync down in the famous The Loop track. I remember they had to put a barrier at the end of the tunnel to avoid us from flying over the cliff. Good times.
  8. I'm going to write down here a suggestion I'd like to make but It needs further discussion, see if you guys like it: 1. Player that gets killed have PKed char unavaliable for 5 days so it doens't fuck up anyones roleplay. The player that killed the other have 24h to write down a CK request and the PKed player have the right to answer ONCE to the topic and both can only talk again in the topic if requested by the handling admin. 2. If the Pked player feels that it was DM he has the same amount of time to fill up a normal forum report. Admins can revoke the 5 day char avaliablity if the report is deemed valid. 3. If the CK is deemed not valid, life goes on and after the 5 days the player can use his char again 4. If the CK is deemed valid, the player never comes back. So it's a way to do it and I think it's fair and increase the fear of dying and doing stupid without creating a rain of reports. Five days is enough for the admin team to review a well written app and defense. And no one is going to risk staying 5 days out of their char and do stupid stuff.
  9. It's fine as it is. These player owned jobs already exist, you just gotta look for it.
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