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  1. Disregard the last offer, person withdrew the $215,000 offer. @barragexd still leading with $210,000
  2. Noted, informing the previous highest offer. @rumbArh
  3. Noted, informing the previous highest offer. @barragexd
  4. Noted, informing the previous highest offer. @rumbArh
  5. Noted, will inform the last highest offer. @barragexd
  6. Noted, will inform the previous offer! @barragexd
  7. Noted, will inform the previous bidder.
  8. Hello! Currently selling my Vespucci Canals apartment, the interior is your typical interior with some minor changes! More pictures (click me) Current offer $210,000 Contact information Social Media - #6252
  9. BobBob

  10. BobBob

    Helloo! Selling my BF400/trading it for a Sanchez! However, for the trade, it needs to have similar upgrades and security system or I will be asking for money to be added! Information Security - Locks & Alarm General - Registered & Insured Insurance - 25 days as of 3/26/2020 Misc 1 - Brakes, Engine, Transmission & Turbo Misc 2 - GPS Contact information Social media or #6252
  11. 1113C Imagination Court Helloo! I'm currently renting out an apartment located in Vespucci Canals! It's your typical interior with some minor changes from the previous owner! The rent is a flat fee of $300. You must place a deposit of $5,000 that will be returned once the contract is over and the property is left in a good condition and if the contract hasn't been breached! More pictures of the apartment (click me) Contact Information #6252 Social Media
  12. BobBob

  13. Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic Only mechanically modified. Under 100 miles on it. Engine, Brakes, Turbo and Transmission have all been upgraded to the best available parts for the car. The suspension has been modernized but does not come with adjustment options. Price is negotiable. Asking price - $210,000 Contact information #6252 or #980512 Full album with pictures of the vehicle (click me)