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full of sin

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  1. full of sin

    looking for one, asap.
  2. full of sin

  3. I haven't played GTA 5 in few days, and I decided to log in. I noticed the long amount of time it took to connect to Rockstar Services, and when I got the launcher working, it said it's in offline mode. I tried turning off my firewall, reinstalling the launcher, and yet now I can't even log in to it. If anybody has tips, I'd be very grateful.
  4. full of sin

    this is appealing
  5. full of sin

    this actually fire, just needs more activity
  6. full of sin

    lets see what u got
  7. full of sin

    i heard rdr2 got a patch that optimized it. how good is it now?
  8. full of sin

    yeah, not at first. at least thats what i think. gonna take some time to learn how to behave n speak like a wild west character from 1899. gotta watch westworld all over again loool
  9. full of sin

    oh, neat. since i have rx 580 8gb sapphire nitro, i7 4770 n 16gb of ram, hoping i could play it smooth. i might even pre purchase it, if im able to run it smooth. gotta google the internet for the answer doe
  10. full of sin

    my unlucky ass bought i7 4770, not the K version. just tryna be sure
  11. full of sin

    this is actually amazing, gj
  12. full of sin

    am I the only one who's gonna dl the pirate version 1st to see how it runs on my pc?
  13. full of sin

    if they make ragemp for rdr2, that would b fkin cool as hell
  14. https://youtu.be/wOVbnmplbPk