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full of sin

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  1. how the hell do u have la roads installed?
  2. I've installed great vehicle mods for police vehicles, they work on SP. Replace just the right ones, all's good. But for some reason they don't show on Rage, but specifically on GTAW? Anybody knows why, how can I fix that?
  3. give both the pd and the fd more open hands. have players on edge of their seat when injured on the ground. it's their characters, something they invested real time in. don't really have an idea how you could do this, but I think some of you might get my point. have them on the edge of their seats, scared for the future of their character. and only then would be roleplay be responsive, detailed, and better. nobody wants to lose their shit. I had roleplay like that. actually did some exploring online because I knew shit was about to go down IC, and just wanted to prepare myself to RP my injuries the best I can. the medic didn't seem to care that much, just did that basic "wraps you up and shoves you into an ambulance" roleplay, bones pierced, and everything else surrounding it was completely ignored, as their only job was to transport me from A to B. at least it seemed like that, judging by the roleplay the medic provided me with.
  4. with many amazing rolepalyers around, it really has become a way of escaping real life for me.
  5. p20 bcs i dont need anything better
  6. he one of the reasons i keep coming to this thread
  7. am i the only one who gets less fps on epic store version of gta 5? i have a rockstar version too, and have around 10 fps more on it
  8. guess i'll just have to wait for it to be released to public, dont have a credit card rn to buy it
  9. ok, started using it again. if u can figure smthin out, i'd appreciate it
  10. i think it was basically released to prevent people from cracking rdr2
  11. still no. i've been in prison on this server "often", and i can tell u its mostly bunch of people just afking in their cells, or running around. or even spamming /ame's so their time goes faster. theres little to no rp there, this would just make it insufferable. still no
  12. I'm using NVR, sometimes the sky looks normal, but most of times it looks like this. IDK why, if somebody does I'd appreciate it. https://www.upload.ee/image/11705545/gta-world-2020-5-15-23-33-51.png
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