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  1. best of luck lady and gentleman!
  2. that's the best part ?
  3. For what it's worth, or at least in the mean time - I think it's available in the mask shop. ?
  4. baechi

    [4SALE] Comet RS

    I am looking to sell my Comet RS. The current dealership price for the vehicle is $264,000 registered. It has a modified engine with turbo, black aftermarket rims with a jet black painted body. Due to the non-aesthetic upgrades included, I am selling the vehicle for $234,000. If interested, please email me at [email protected] Photo of vehicle
  5. I once stole a 5 cent candy from a convenience store and didn't ever go back.
  6. SUBJECT: [APPLICATION] Firstname Lastname 1. Full name: 2. Date of Birth: 3. Phone number: 4. Gender: 5. Which position are you applying for?: 6. Which shifts are you available to work regularly? (DAY|MID|NIGHT): 7. Additional information (include past experience if appropriate):
  7. POLISHED Nail Salon is currently seeking to expand it's staffing for the following positions and shifts: FRONT DESK ASSOCIATE ($4,500/hour) JOB DESCRIPTION: Front desk associates are responsible for welcoming and greeting clients as they enter the salon. They are often times the first point of contact for a client as they enter the establishment and as such, they are required to hold a vibrant smile and a welcoming attitude, assisting the client with booking in an appointment with a nail technician. There are no past requirements for this position. NAIL TECHNICIAN ($6,000/hour + client funded tips) JOB DESCRIPTION: Nail Technicians are to provide nail care treatments to the clients as per the request and needs. The responsibilities include polishing fingernails and toenails, painting designs and applying gel and acrylic nails. Ultimately, you will help us boost our reputation by offering personalized services to our clients. The job requirements are limited, you must possess an esthetician certification of some kind from a recognized authority and preferably have some experience performing nail related services professionally. SCHEDULING: ((ALL TIMES ARE SERVER TIME)) DAY SHIFT: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM or MID SHIFT: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM or NIGHT SHIFT: 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM How do I apply? To apply for the position, please complete the template listed below and email the manager at [email protected]
  8. Hello, I am selling my suite on floor 17 of the Integrity Tower, located in Pillbox Hill (indicated below). The market price of the property is $185,000 but I am looking to sell it for around $165,000 to $170,000 as it stands. I am currently not accepted trades at this time. Address: Integrity Hotel - Floor 17, Room 2 Photos of the property:
  9. I was not aware of this, my apologies. Will property inactivity refund requests for the past previous be considered?
  10. Player inactivity, or character rather. As far as I am aware the system is setup to auto un-assign your properties from your character should you not log into that character once within a four week span.
  11. Sure, if that's how the Property Staff team wants to handle the situation, it is obviously there decision. Though I believe it's not very fair to not have any forewarning, especially in the cases where it was implemented without any announcement and that it wasn't clear what parameters the system follows. Personally I wasn't aware that playing on an alternate character wouldn't prevent my other character's assets from being wiped as I still was being active on the server, albeit on another character that had more of my attention. It can be argued that the properties should still be sent to the public as they were clearly not being used, but do you believe it's right for me to lose all of my progress and work on that character due to following a different roleplay story for a month? Obviously if I was aware that this was going to happen, I would have made preparations but hindsight is 20-20. I don't see these suggestions come up often and I don't believe that it would cause as much of a backlog as you would suggest. Reviewing the refund request archive from January 1st of 2019, there has been 4 refund requests related to inactive purging out of the 309 requests made on that forum. That is hardly an influx of requests, even counting requests potentially made through discord. Alternatively the automatic system could be adjusted to simply sell the property forcefully instead of removing it entirely, resulting in no more continuing work aside from the tweaked script.
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