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  1. Hassann

  2. Hassann

    Congrats to everyone! @Selena i c u making moves
  3. Title says it all really. When I try to tab out with my phone GUI open or my chat bar open, tabbing back in causes the game to either freeze on the pause menu or crash. I posted a bug report but Nervous couldn’t reproduce the bugs. I’m guessing this is more of a me problem, but surely I’m not the only one it happens to. Any fixes? I’ll put the steps down and you guys can see if it happens to yourself. 1. Open phone or press T to open the chat. 2. Alt - tab 3. Alt -tab again to go into the game. 4. Game should crash or be stuck on the pause menu.
  4. Hassann

    More houses would be great, I always assumed these houses were available since im pretty much broke in game. Maybe this is something property management should consider.
  5. Karin BeeJay XL - $33,000 Zirconium Stratum - $45,000 SMS or Call 18126567 if interested.
  6. Hassann

    Guessing this will be useful for staff, they can use it so they know what time of the day is the most busiest, which usually requires more admins and support. Great work!
  7. Hassann

  8. Hassann

    Flash GT for sale! Aftermarket parts installed, both visual and performance enhancements. Registered and insured. Looking for 160,000 - Price is negotiable Make your offer down below, trade offers are welcome.