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  1. pay the protection money
  2. Oakwood

    Force CKs on people who disregard their lives and die instead of jailing for non-fear RP
  3. Oakwood

    What's up with goofy flags?
  4. Oakwood

    I don't feel disrupted (as a multi-national company!)
  5. Oakwood

    And each and every one of them is Slavic, one being Serbia! The only logical conclusion is that this Albanian character has some Serbian roots, and in that case I'm really glad you guys are keeping up with the realism, great job ❤️
  6. Oakwood

    Serbian name, I like it
  7. I'm thinking about something unique and special, something that this server hasn't seen before, such as a Mexican or a black gang, or perhaps a new Russian or Albanian mob (Or any other ethnicity as long as the roleplay stays absolutely identical and only differs in slang/accent!) I'm sure that the faction management is competent enough not to ever allow anything else on this server.
  8. Oakwood

  9. Oakwood

  10. Oakwood