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  1. Tseard

    No exactly, we're on the same line there.
  2. Tseard

    I don't get what you mean, I'm sorry.
  3. Tseard

    They should be able to judge your character background, it doesn't make sense for a former Lieutenant or Captain from one agency to start over as a Police Officer I through recruitment. Some people just have a character background that doesn't add up or simply put things together but you have to remember that the people you interact within the department and the public will have to roleplay you and also accept the fact that you had such a background. What I personally do not agree with is that they allow you to change your entire story so it suits, especially when it is a older character where you already roleplayed with. If you roleplayed for like months and you introduced to people you were a private detective, but then all of a sudden you change the entire story so the LSPD accept it, then it would just be weird for the people you RPed with. That's just my ten cents.
  4. I am happy that after months of work, we finally have a release date and we can launch for the public!
  5. Tseard

    No GTAW references in-game please... Talk2 has my vote.
  6. Business should be free in what they do but I do agree that Iconic places should keep their purpose such as a police station remain that, an ammunation stays an ammunation and an army base stays an army base.
  7. Tseard

    Congratulations everyone!
  8. Tseard

    Seeing some really good entries and some entries where more effort could be put into. Curious to know who will win!
  9. Tseard

    For a beginner, these are pretty f*cking well done.
  10. Tseard

    Very cool!
  11. Tseard

    less go girl
  12. Tseard

    acko's the man
  13. Tseard


    This is already enforced by admins when they see this. Job cars should not be abused for personal usage. People should rent cars instead.
  14. Tseard

    I've seen the event advertised on Facebrowser so it is good that you guys are starting to promote more. Just a tip that I want to give is to make a page for the government, rather than it being an individual account. It has a different layout and looks more professional.
  15. Tseard

    I believe that more promotion should be considered. There is barely any press releases done, I don't see any posts on Facebrowser or see public announcements being done on this forum. If you want the community to be more engaged, then those are the very first steps in becoming known. If I am not mistaken, there was a Thanksgiving event done by the government which was barely advertised, I figured it out on the day when it happened itself.