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  1. Tseard

    To touch on that. State Prison was considered but that would mean that you would only have a department of corrections that would handle it. With the activity in the jail currently, that would only mean that during peak times this department would really be able to do its thing. Throughout the day, there are often 3/4 people in jail (some of which AFK). Faction members who don't play around peak time would greatly lose interest, which would mean even fewer people in the faction. Taking the county jail was a good middle ground for the LSSD to also startup. They handle the jails in real life in the Los Angeles County and via this, people can patrol during the times where the jail is less populated. I can totally get it that some people wanted to see the state prison but it would simply not work (Has been tried two times before the launch of LSSD and jail). We try to make the roleplay as much as pleasant for all parties by providing information on our forums to roleplayers in the jail and by doing details every now and then.
  2. Tseard

    I'm right here, don't you worry
  3. Tseard

    The /me's are something that is around for other commands as well, refer to my suggestion to get it removed from /take in a car. Spikestrips got put back in the game on March 20 by StefanNL.
  4. Tseard

    I'm not going to argue with you anymore, especially in such a tone. I'm simply stating that bug reports should go in the correct section on the forums to get it investigated. If you don't do that, then don't expect it to be caught on by developers straight away and get handled.
  5. Tseard

    It's not up to me to make a bug report of something that does not happen on my side. The person that sees the bug on their game on their screen should make it. Not my job.
  6. Tseard

    Posted in general discussions, not in the bug report section.
  7. Tseard

    Then why not create a bug report and a report on the forums to get it sorted? A general discussion is not a bug report or a forum report.
  8. Tseard

    Was a bug report made? I have not seen one yet on the forums about it. How are developers aware of the issue when it's not reported?
  9. Tseard

    I am not trying to do that at all. You made a thread about all spikes being invisible and how unfair that is. This is the first complaint that I saw about that on the forums since the equipment was used. I went ahead and went in game to test it for you to see if it was indeed a bug. Following the testing, I saw all the spikes and there were no issues on my end. What I am telling you is that this is a one time instance where the spikes were invisible. What is there else to discuss? I have not seen anyone complain about it yet so far on the forums or in-game and if they do witness it and they do feel like it is unfair, they can make a report and a bug report. That is how you solve bugs. Not by posting it in general discussions.
  10. Tseard

    You sought clarification if the spike strips that cops use are invisible. They are not as proven in the screenshot that I just took minutes ago. That instance was just broken and it is unfair. I don't know how it has happened but I just literally placed down multiple spikes in all sizes and they are all visible.
  11. Tseard

    I can totally see your point of view for that, maybe you can talk to the arresting officer and figure something out with them? Or ask an admin about clarification.
  12. Tseard

    What do you mean with roleplayed? The /takespikes is one of those great commands that give you an automatic /me line. All a LEO has to do is /takespikes 1 and then press Y to place it down.
  13. Tseard

    I have tested this for you in-game as this would indeed be very unfair towards everyone but this seems to be a bug on the player's screen. When I did the command in-game, it worked just fine and it was visible.