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  1. Tseard

    I really like this, take it far!
  2. What I do think and agree with on Nervous is that we perhaps have to look more at ourselves and our creativity. This server already offers a lot of script support and will have even more for illegal roleplay, GTAW is probably the biggest RP server that I know that has this many scripts for us to work and play with.
  3. Tseard

    Started my journey on MTA when I was like 14/15. Owlgaming is where I learnt the basics and met my first friends who are still around here. Eventually became an admin there as well and joined the LSPD where I was a Detective and later was one of the faction leaders of the LSFD before retiring to LS-RP. I still have albums full of pictures of my RP time on MTA and it is indeed very nostalgic. And if someone remembers, I've also played on SAES:RPG and WSS:RPG for quite an extensive amount.
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    A New Challenge
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    Daily Routine
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