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  1. I just hope no mallrats end up taking over this thing. However, a person who'd be linked to a group of illegal organizations could be a nice twist.
  2. I can confirm, Social Club does not work it seems.
  3. So, I tried this with a dlc mod that I made a while ago, it's a building sign texture mod, it boots the game just fine and everything, yet, I don't see the changes at all http://www.mediafire.com/file/7qri2s9hk9m9lxq/ptextures.rar/file Does it only work on specific mods or what?
  4. I personally am not interested to invest a lot of time into the E-RP sub genre and/or intimate stuff, to me, it doesn't feel as interesting, it's technically a second life experience.
  5. That's true, criminals from what I've seen drive subtle and cheaper cars while "legal roleplayers" often drive the expensive speedy cars and such.
  6. Nice to see the limit finally taken away
  7. I've been trying to do that, still have not found a solution, this retarded launcher redownloads the files if they don't match R* server's info
  8. Finally, holy shit this looks impressive. they even kept the original score
  9. I don't know how it could even be a lazy option, it provides a customization that GTA Online skins cannot. I feel sorry for whoever that judges people by their skin.
  10. Archaeologist and hosting expeditions could be interesting
  11. A beautiful Irish themed pub located in the heart of Vespucci is seeking Management staff Requirements: At least 21 years old to correspond with the sales requirement Open the pub at least three days a week to the public ((Requires /bad access)) Be able to commit to a long-term contract Proper management and leadership skills [OPTIONAL] Have the knowledge of mixing drinks and bartending Payment: %50 of the total pub income Card game bonuses Contact [email protected] if you're interested or wish to seek further information. ((Forum PM))
  12. This is sad, Hanger 13 could've done something great
  13. Isn't RPG basically light/low RP?
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