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  1. nwah_

    Sweeping Up
  2. nwah_

    Username: ShopDigitalDen_and_VisitTurtleCafe Comment: ya? i know this spot nearby called Rothstein's, best salesmen in town. in fact? after that take her on a date to the rubicon in downtown vinewood lol !
  3. nwah_

    Username: ShopDigitalDen_and_VisitTurtleCafe Comment: super excited to visit this place on saturday night after a good lunch at Zampa's Deli, then i think i'll head down to the Turtle Cafe on Hawick avenue after !!!
  4. My character Tom Fuck would always come around to this shop, being a Vespucci local, its pretty sad to see it go as it definitely brought a lot of fun roleplay moments.
  5. Username: fuck_tom Comment: #arabrapemob bet th facebrowser fgt was osorirosiss possoososisoos lmao
  6. nwah_

    The Concert
  7. nwah_

    chigurh did nothing wrong
  8. nwah_

    This shit is 🔥 and thats on 🍇
  9. nwah_

  10. nwah_

    USERNAME: fuck_tom COMMENT: deadass saw this crazy mfker chokeslam justin bieber lmao nigga is wild keep it up cuhhhh
  11. nwah_

    Username: fuck_tom Comment: this shit str8 flames he prolly drugged bianca milano #savethebabies
  12. nwah_

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to roleplay a wealthy character. As long as the backstory and execution of that character make sense, and the wealth is roleplayed realistically, that's perfectly fine. Being an eighteen year old with your own nightclub driving 4 sports cars and working at a coffee shop every other day is just not a realistic portrayal of wealth, and thats where people's problems lie when it comes down to seeing "mallrat" like characters, and why there's such a big stigma against them. If you're roleplaying an immigrant who started from nothing and built their fortune up through hard work, that's also completely valid. What isn't valid is being a robo-worker at a bunch of venues while driving fancy sports cars and attending epic car meets. If anyone's at the point where they have multiple sports cars and still working three businesses full time? That's when I'd say it's a case of powergaming and poor portrayal. At that point the character would clearly be at a point to hire employees under them, and maybe help others in the same boat as they were get a leg up. Just an idea.
  13. nwah_

    2 . where's stimpy
  14. nwah_

    beautifully trashy
  15. nwah_