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  1. shareef2

    Name: PAKFAUJZINDABAAD Comment: Show both video please
  2. shareef2

    ^ this part hits heavy for me having character's that are fully dynamic, that actually change as events go on in their life, not set by a backstory and purpose you may have thought up for them - that's the best. one of my characters picked up a nicotine addiction after some particularly stressful nights 2 years ago and they still are addicted. ive got two characters that started with poorer levels of english than they have now, as they have spent time in the country and speaking. one of my characters still triple checks their locks ever since the one time they were robbed in their own home! changing the character as events happen and as time goes on is a big +100 to rp for me, really makes the characters much more fluid and enjoyable.
  3. shareef2

    wow folks i made it...
  4. shareef2

    Steven's first day and his cab got hit! We did some test runs for our tour service On the way down, the bus flipped over! Someone stole our bus, so we decided to secure our vehicles. Low speed crash with Shoaib's "Lithuanian made" cab
  5. shareef2

    Business meeting! Daily shooting at the kebab shop Late night roof meetings Khalid let me drive his car! This didn't take long
  6. shareef2

    We organized a welcome party for @Dorano's IC return to the city!
  7. shareef2

    Habeeb Transport Union was established in 2015 originally, however, it has been operating in Los Santos since 2017, making it the longest running transit company of Los Santos to date. Originally based out of Mirror Park, the business has since moved to Grapeseed, where it continues to run, ferrying customers across Los Santos on a day to day basis. Our story begins with the city of Los Santos begins in October of 2017, where Rafi Habeeb and his trusted right hand man Shoaib Tariq moved to 1251 Mirror Place. Soon to be joined by another acquaintance, Shahid Tariq, the newfound company would come to dominate the transit industry. We at Habeeb Transport Union have run various services for transit across Los Santos. Our origins start humble with Habeeb Taxi, featuring our iconic red taxis. We have also expanded to include a shuttle bus at our fleet early in our origin, however we have since upgraded to a state of the art coach bus, of which we use to provide tours starting in Los Santos up to Blaine County and the Mount Chiliad wilderness areas, often running tour services that shuttle drivers from the bus through an SUV up the mountain. Other services ran by the Habeeb Transport Union include Habeeb VIP, which is a fleet consisting of a long wheel base luxurious Baller LE and a similarly optioned Schafter, both booked by executives or businesses for the top tier transit experience. Throughout our time in Los Santos, we have achieved many notable successes. One of our most proudest achievements was running the state-sponsored LS Transit into moral bankruptcy and eventually closure on three separate occasions throughout its' lifespan, with ourselves managing to absorb some of the competition's employees throughout the mission. While we are a company with historic roots based in the city of Los Santos, our recent resurgence has been met with the most success so far, with our current employee list at 25 employees, which continues to grow every single day. Habeeb Enterprises as a whole has many humble and homegrown operations in the city, such as our notorious kebab shops, our former club, and a coffee shop previously owned by ourselves as well. As of now, we solely operate the Nut Buster Kebab & Koffee along with Habeeb Transport Union, yet are seeking to expand our horizons. The main basis of Habeeb Transport Union is Habeeb Taxi, however we have always been keen to expanding our horizons as a company, which can be seen through out past project initiations. Our goal has always been to engage the public in our art of transit, hosting public events, which are sometimes free of charge or financed by businesses across Los Santos, thus stimulating the local economy. As a company with roots in the area, we have been contributing to the economy of the State of San Andreas for a period much longer than our competitors, who have mostly been established just this fiscal year. Our customers always love to see our bright red cabs, with some taxi fares even going as far to request a Habeeb Taxi specifically upon phoning the dispatch. Habeeb Transport Union and Habeeb Taxi itself is a household name in Los Santos, one that is loved by the pubilc. -------------------------------------------------------------- This is a thread for screenshots from Habeeb Transport Union and Habeeb Enterprises as a whole! We've been roleplaying Habeeb Taxi starting in 2015 on LSRP and have since continued roleplaying that same company on here since 2017. Please do not post screenshots on this thread unless you have permission from myself to do so! Thank you.
  8. Looking to buy a standalone apartment in Vespucci! Furnished is cool, unfurnished is okay too! Please call or SMS at 8580454, or message me. (( will accept even smallest int like the motel room one ))
  9. At some points it isn't as much of an issue in my opinion. The map is rather large, and so, 140MPH on the highway is probably more akin to 100MPH in real life, which really isn't that bad. Driving such speeds on populated road, say, around Vespucci or Vinewood, now that would be nonrp. We roleplay safezones as safezones because they would realistically be staffed, for example, the PD is way too obvious of a place to commit a crime. That being said, some admins have their own viewpoints on the situation, and will say you can't commit a crime say in the middle of downtown LS or such. This is shown in Rule 0 that they have the power to do so, personally I agree - I don't think crimes should be conducted just in the middle of anywhere. However, daylight itself should not be an excuse not to commit crimes, as players play during their IRL timezones and thus most Europeans only play in day and Americans only in night often. I don't think people group up in hotspots anymore, people just roleplay where they would realistically roleplay. In the past, people would all congregate in random areas like Mirror Park's plaza, where they have no business actually being. Now, most people roleplay in the properties or around the areas that they'd realistically be in, for example my group, if we're not roleplaying in our kebab shop or taking taxi calls, then we're roleplaying around the depot we own in Grapeseed. However, there are definitely differing view points on the ghost town scenario. Some believe you should be able to commit a crime if no one else is around, as that means it is empty, while others believe that RPly there are other people, and thus, you can't commit crimes there. I lean more towards the latter now, but I used to be a heavy supporter of the former, so it really just depends how people see things. I feel like being robbed in daylight is definitely okay, but being robbed in the middle of a busy area is not. If I'm in a side street, an alleyway, or a rather closed off space, I'd deem it realistic to get robbed, but if someone sticks me up when I'm just roleplaying right outside my upper middle class apartment in Vinewood, I'd hope an admin would tell them off.
  10. shareef2

  11. shareef2

    anyone still play
  12. You're taking the wrong cabs if your drivers are only roleplaying at the beginning and end. I don't know if OP is referring to all drivers, but there are definitely a lot of drivers who don't roleplay at all. It's typically not the company drivers but the rental Burrito drivers.
  13. I can say I've met maybe 4-5 truckers who I've thought were actually roleplaying the job properly, and I'd include myself there. The job attracts a lot of new players, and it is typically those who wont roleplay delivering at all or in a very poor fashion. Even at that, there's more to it than just doing lines about delivering the crates, I myself would roleplay going on a lunch break, checking my truck for damage if I hit something, and more. You'll meet a lot of people who not only roleplay poorly, but they'll just do the most nonrp shit. I've had my truck rammed for being in the loading spot, and the person was just like "you're blocking it what am I supposed to do?" when I confronted them ICly. People literally don't know how to roleplay at all when doing this job. Back when I used to truck in January I feel like while there still were some bad actors there were a lot more who actually roleplayed the job as opposed to now, which is why I don't really truck much anymore. Generally I find that truckers coming from trucking companies have a higher standard of roleplay, not always the best, but higher. Rental truckers are typically the ones that are complaint worthy. The most annoying thing is just the fact that a business will open and then you'll see truckers rushing to it in flocks. I feel like maybe there should be some kind of class restriction, like only Mule or Benson and above can deliver to an open business, because it's typically the drivers who don't reach higher ranks that act like idiots. Either way, the trucking system in general is a bit strange. The fact that you make less money as an independent operator is odd. Overall I think that if people actually did what their character would, we wouldn't have problems like this anyways. It's a little weird to see someone bartend one day and behind the wheel of a truck the next. Some people solely chase cash, and I wonder if they ever stopped to consider whether their character fits any of this.
  14. shareef2

    This can be locked and archived, think I'm just gonna rent it out instead. Thanks.
  15. shareef2