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  1. Dynamite!

    My cock is throbbing hard at the thought of a new max thread
  2. Dynamite!

    The first time I shot a member of Jamestown. I panicked, unloaded 2 magazines into him, dashing came behind me and wrecked my shit. Not even gonna lie it was funny. Video credit to @Dashing https://streamable.com/m1o1y
  3. Dynamite!

    This would be cool, but it could be ruined by people who decide to bring guns in. Maybe add a rule that if you bring a gun to school you’ll get banned, or if you kill someone in school you’ll get banned. NPC classes and all.
  4. Dynamite!

    Crime roleplay is fucking dying honestly. Some dumbfuck learns how to get guns, suddenly he’s the new crip/blood faction, and they’re gonna ruin shit by bringing their friends on and fucking over actually good factions into archiving.
  5. Dynamite!

    Just took this pic felt cute 😘
  6. Dynamite!

    Just join one that already exists, honestly. Everyone wants to make their own faction these days when there’s several factions that would take you instead
  7. Dynamite!

    I didn’t make it but yeah I didn’t mean to post it on here mb
  8. Dynamite!

    Don’t get your hopes up until the finished product is out. That’s only gonna lead to disappointment.
  9. Dynamite!

    At least I can roleplay being rich
  10. Username:DemonX3 Comment: Fuck these bitch ass cops, on God. Niggas always had it out for us
  11. Dynamite!

    Good looks
  12. Dynamite!

    Whoa a nice wholesome parrot club for me and my pet cockatoo to hang out!
  13. Dynamite!

    Cmon, every gas station in America sells cigarettes. This should be common knowledge by now.