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  1. Dynamite!

    Have you actually taken time to roleplay as a criminal or do anything related to crime rp? Most of the time it’s just robbery or murder when it’s deserved, because the tiniest things happen and people file player reports, and nobody wants that. You’ve been looking at the wrong criminal factions if you think that’s just it. Also, you fail to realize that these are street gangs, street gangs aren’t going to pull bank heists or stop people in the road driving cargo trucks and robbing them. Look at Seaside ABZ, they roleplay great. Half their characters are people who aren't even in the gang yet and just normal kids who commit petty crimes.
  2. Dynamite!

    All the media says is “racism, shootings, socialism, KKK” I just wanna golf for gods sake!
  3. Dynamite!

    If pirus and crips all got along they’d probably pelt me with snowballs by the end of this song
  4. Dynamite!

    I saw the guy with crutches and I can’t stop thinking of the “Krazy Kripples” episode of South Park. Keep up the good work, this shit is fire
  5. Dynamite!

  6. Dynamite!

    Being a member of da big bad playboys
  7. Dynamite!

    We need a blood faction that’ll last, Keep it up chief
  8. Dynamite!

  9. Dynamite!

    Haha this is awesome, I never thought I’d see an actual high class golfing club. Keep up the good work, this looks really fun.
  10. Dynamite!

    People always complain about how many shootouts happen, especially with police, but the police don’t roleplay like genuine American police. Cops don’t pull you over and search you because they “have a hunch” you’re a gang member or have drugs on you in real life. That’s something that will get them fired or put in jail for infringing on people’s rights. I’ve had this happen so many times to me and it makes me angry.
  11. Dynamite!

    I think Hillside 13 has the best faction video don’t @ me
  12. Dynamite!

    Been keeping up with the thread and the screenshots, sad to see Sling go. Keep up the good work y’all.
  13. When I load up RageMP and click GTA World, after it loads up, before it starts actually loading, it crashes with an error box saying “GTA closed unexpectedly” I’ve done everything I could to fix this, but I can’t seem to.
  14. Dynamite!

    A 2001 ford ranger lmao it’s a piece of shit, it’s old, and it’s breaking down
  15. Dynamite!