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  1. Dynamite!

    Cringe Good luck have fun my man sacred, you’ll take this far.
  2. The other day I was driving my bike on the sidewalk, some guy made a wrong turn and fucking killed me. Didn’t stop or anything, just kept driving. Please, just enforce it a bit more strictly.
  3. Dynamite!

    Is this a full remake or just a remaster?
  4. Username: NoodleCXC13 Comment: Saw your ass live, this shit goes hard.
  5. Dynamite!

  6. Dynamite!

    Someone needs to make some Norteños in sandy
  7. Dynamite!

    Gangs rely on underage characters, because it develops a story better. Most people in the good land of south LA join a gang by the time they’re 14-16, and once they age up, they start to rank up. By the time you’re 18-20, if you’re still alive, you’re a shot caller or an enforcer. I don’t really see the problem, if you hate gangs don’t roleplay with them. Don’t go to any ghetto area, we don’t wanna see you rev up your Lamborghini or do donuts anyways. If you hate underage characters, I’m sure you’ll find more 18-21 year olds at your car meets.
  8. Dynamite!

    Making an ethnic character/immigrant that isn’t a walking stereotype or extremely offensive
  9. Dynamite!

  10. Dynamite!

  11. Dynamite!

  12. Dynamite!

    I’ll check in a few
  13. Dynamite!

    Done every single thing on this list and nothing helps. Guess I’m just screwed thanks anyways guys.
  14. Dynamite!

    I think I did, is it under graphics?