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  1. No biggie, thanks for explaining it though.
  2. Yeah I know how they work OOC. I read a lot about the way warrants operate OOC before I made this discussion. I was wondering what probable cause meant to him. Probable cause that the man in question had commited a crime or that the place in question had been used/stores items relating to said crime.
  3. Glad to hear this, but can we know Probable Cause of what?
  4. Let's not bash PD here. This is about warrants not PD. Make your own general discussion if you want to talk about PD. We deal with it ICly. We beat them up most of the time but if we CK the character often times they are forced to start over at the bottom of the totem.
  5. Let's keep this tame so it doesn't turn into a 'complaining thread'
  6. The point of this thread is to see if other people are experiencing the same problem. I don't think any change will come out of a general discussions thread or else I would have posted it in suggestions. This is the first step, I'm trying to see if it's an actual problem on the server or just me looking at it sideways.
  7. You said you could have surveyed and I said I wish y'all had launched a longer investigation than 2 days.
  8. No I don't because that's a huge waste of everybody involved's time lmfao. I'm not talking about full realism I'm just asking for what everyone thought about warrants, as I find that they could improve. Yes I know gun dogs exist hence why the suggestion is about warrants not gun dogs.
  9. I never said that y'all MG'd, I'm just saying that the first attempted raid (Talked out of by the poster) and the picture's post was literally under a few days. The PD raided the house the next day. I highly doubt that enough surveillance occurred in the time that passed to verify that it was a real firearm.
  10. I'm pretty sure they have either 1 or the other as it is.
  11. Wasn’t really targeting PD just LEO’s in general, didn’t think I had to mention it but I included the judges who grant the warrant in all that.
  12. Let's focus more on warrants and raids than if gun dogs exist.
  13. Right now it seems that warrants are being given out and houses are being searched at an unrealistic rate. I understand its a game so crimes happen more thus more warrants are granted, but for the reason of promoting roleplay where is the line between fun RP between both sides and playing to win? For a warrant to be issued in America police must have probable cause that a crime has/is being committed and that items connected to the crime are likely to be found inside the property. This being said the police will not raid you for an armed robbery or even a murder if you are caught with the firearm. Drugs are the same way. Police tend to watch over criminals before they opt for the search warrant because then the person knows they're being watched. Search warrants are also allowed when the specific property is being used to commit the felony. In GTAW a house was raided because of a picture of a man holding a gun on Facebrowser. What if it was a fake gun? What if it was an airsoft gun? There is no way that police in real life would be able to get a warrant granted for a picture with a gun, or would PD even try to push for a warrant. Search warrants are being handed out because someone is caught for armed robbery at the scene. If we take a look at the point earlier, warrants are only handed out if there is a probable suspicion that evidence from the crime is inside the property. Why would evidence from the scene, which the criminal never left, be currently inside his house? On a server that values in depth role play this should not be the case. My point is that there's a fine line between where LEO RPers RP being hard on criminals and where this behavior becomes destructive to criminal RP as a whole and where the focus is more about winning than it is about realistic actions. A few months ago we had the issue of people inside the LEO factions using dogs in any possible situation to smell vehicles for drugs with little IC reason which was quickly handled by administrators. It seems that house raids are the new drug and 'gun' dogs.
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