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  1. Lmao

    Jesus, I've swum in the red sea and it had less salt than this comment.
  2. This. People need to consider what they were shot with, whilst surviving a few shots in the limbs from a 9mm round is by all means possible, it isn't the same story for something like a 7.62 round. Multiple shots by a shotgun or Kalashnikov style rifle in the arm would most likely have blown it off completely or left it hanging by a thread.
  3. User: VV1389 Comment: They all got shot or stabbed leaving Davis
  4. Lmao

    This video shows how OP aim assist is. It's lock-on.
  5. Lmao

    So by that logic, external aim assistance should be allowed too?
  6. Lmao

    Glad to see a new members such as yourself is already spreading positivity in the community!
  7. Lmao

    7/10 interesting artwork.
  8. Lmao

    Everyone hard tills JJ tips his bucket hat...