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  1. Lmao

    I would like to show my appreciation to HemmaX, he helped me with a lot of small things when I was still a newbie and is the reason I kept playing on the server.
  2. Lmao

    I agree with that statement, most people in the ages of 30+ post dry humor, political commentary or family photos. As far as I have seen at least.
  3. Lmao

    Amen to that, especially when you need to make the car reliable.
  4. Lmao

    I'm a daily smoker, it's not cool. Expensive and you and your clothes smell like ashtray all the time. Wouldn't recommend it.
  5. Lmao

    Winning tree goes to @Vivacious, congratulations!
  6. Lmao

    Now closed for entry, thank you everyone who entered. Winner will be announced the 24th.
  7. Lmao

    Ah shiet, not Jorge
  8. Lmao

    You know this will be good with Benny in the lead.
  9. Lmao

    The good ol boys
  10. Lmao

    I'm a soldier Unborn child of war I'm a soldier Mom, take care of my wounds I'm a soldier Soldier of a country forgotten by God I'm a hero
  11. Lmao

    Fucking brilliant.