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  1. You would need to ask IFM, apart from that, you seem to have missed my point completely. You were trying to use Yugoslav or other generally South Slavic countries as an example, when they, if we're basing this off LA, would have a much larger presence than Albanians, with some 40-50 thousand Croatian Americans living in LA, and a similar amount of Serbian Americans, atop that, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Bosnian minority groups as well. Within the continuity, well, that's simple, it all ties into server events, that's what the continuity is, same continuity I was asked about when creating my faction almost half a year ago now. That continuity is why Armenian and other Eurasian presence is mentioned on my faction thread.
  2. There's a ethnic Croatian neighbourhood in LA, and in the early 2000s there was a Bulgarian DTO importing cocaine in L.A. But in my opinion, small scale factions of XYZ ethnic group should be allowed, assuming they remain a realistic size.
  3. Jesus this turned to a shit throwing contest real fast, no, gangs in Vespucci shouldn't be removed, because if you look at the area of Vespucci where they are located, it's rundown, or at least parts of it. I agree, some parts of Vespucci should be relatively crime-free, but drawing a hard drawn OOC line of where crime is allowed to be done is just plain stupid, especially in a pedestrian area. Adding onto to that, arguing real life LA vs LS in-game doesn't hold up 1-1 either, because news flash, the real LA is more than ten times as big as the GTA map. If we're going to roleplay it 1-1, than no one should be able to drive up to Sandy just to have a beer at a bar, unless they live in Sandy Shores, because it would be a multiple hour drive, but, I guess it's convenient to shout "OH 1-1 realism is needed here and there" when it helps your opinion. Most of the "low level" RP done in Vespucci is not done by factions, most factions in Vespucci keep a high-standard, so, simple solution, report those who are poor RPers, and stop trying to solve a niche issue with a blanket statement. If the issue is with the locals, why not, I don't know, try to socialize with them? Just because someone has a Hispanic looking name doesn't mean they'll kill you on sight, most of these people are just as willing to socialize with you as the rest of the people on this server. This is coming from someone who has a residence in Vespucci.
  4. @icarusfeather Thank you Mr Fucker, guide has been updated
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