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  1. You know how much I love you and your characters. Raylynn is no different with this piece of art.
  2. I know plenty of people who just simply completely moved out of Vespucci and basically stopped RPing there because of how much crime is being committed there.
  3. (( OOC )) (( Apex Sprint Masters #2: Grapeseed hosted by ASCOSA ))
  4. (( OOC )) (( Deliveries as usual AND RAIN! ))
  5. Tree

    Commands list

    /support is an alias for /helpers
  6. (( OOC )) (( Apex Logistics Sprint Masters, Autosport Club Of San Andreas ))
  7. 'Popular posts' should either be ordered only by reactions or have the ability to switch between reactions and comments. Currently it is only ordered by comments. Would also be nice to choose a timescale e.g. all time, last week, last day, etc
  8. Tree

    Commands list

    /roll is an alternative to /dice /sv works for /sellvehicle /phonesize
  9. have at it, enjoy all the problems gwen makes for herself
  10. Yeah, as kilowatt said above, it's very much dependant on the region. Between the UK and the different countries that form it (e.g. Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland) and the counties between them (e.g. Greater London, West Midlands, Yorkshire, etc) all have massive differences in some words that are used. There's obviously just key British terms that get used and the differences between US and UK language (e.g. sidewalk and pavement) that you can slip in. I, for example, spend an awful lot of time correcting mistake in my RP (before pressing enter) of replacing words when the word I am using is the British equivalent.
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