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Fancy Toothpaste

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  1. Fancy Toothpaste

    Banned for that avatar.
  2. Fancy Toothpaste

    The vehicle has been sold.
  3. Fancy Toothpaste

    Images: https://imgur.com/a/5lQEMkF Vehicle Information: - Stock upgrades: (No upgrades) - Very low Millage: 40.03 - insurance: Yes - Registered: Yes - Stock price: 70K - Asking Price: 55K Please contact via email (forum PM) or by calling: 1444096
  4. Fancy Toothpaste

  5. Fancy Toothpaste

    Redemption Bar Images: https://imgur.com/a/pdihmaV Location: Upper Morningwood, just before Richman starts. Property: A fully refurbished and stocked bar including three private booths, an upstairs lounge and bar, a cozy bathroom, and a private downstair's area. Interior: Taqui-la-la's bar interior with upwards of $50,000 worth of renovations. Starting Bid: $450,000 Buyout: $500,000 Contact PH: 249-489-75 or Email (forum PM) with your offer
  6. Fancy Toothpaste

    Really looking forward to this.
  7. Fancy Toothpaste

    We'd still have to pay for fuel, maintenance, and (for me anyways) put 155k into a truck. I also have my truck parked in the back of my property for storage. Sure, I would hypothetically make more money per delivery, but my profits would be on a bell-curve starting well into the negatives before I eventually break even after 100+ deliveries and begin making actual money. Although I can speak only for myself, I very much doubt every player who engages in trucking is going to want to put themselves through that hassle, and as it stands there is literally no upside to being an independent trucker and owning your own vehicle despite the required investment. Currently it's just a money sink.
  8. Fancy Toothpaste

    This is exactly how I see it. 5% would be a much more reasonable sum in my opinion.
  9. Fancy Toothpaste

    Slightly off-topic, but still in-line with the delivery job and one of it's perceived short-comings in my opinion; I've been RPing an independent trucker for some time now and have somewhere around 280+ deliveries. My character doesn't mesh well with others and is something of a loner himself, which is why I've been avoiding trucking companies for all this time despite the fact that I would make more money by engaging with them. At 250 deliveries I became qualified to use the Vapid Benson which carries 15 crates. I now own and have upgraded the vehicle, but upon doing deliveries my character still gets taxed 20% (down from 30% for rented vehicles you pay no maintenance, fuel, or down-payment on) of his earnings per trip for "being an independent trucker". I know trucking companies who offer lower rates then that, and you don't have to pay fuel or maintenance on their vehicle. I assumed there would be /some/ tax on my deliveries regardless of purchasing it, but 20% taken by the city basically means there is absolutely no up-side to owning your own vehicle. I put around 155k into my truck and still earn less then those who simply joined up with a trucking company with no skin off their teeth. My assumption of how this should have worked was if you bothered to invest in a truck for the sake of your character's profession, you would likely earn more per delivery compared to those using rented or borrowed vehicles because they don't spend any money on maintenance, insurance, or fuel, and you'd have to do at least 100 deliveries using your vehicle before you started to earn an income above the money sunk into your investment. Instead it seems you pay more, earn less, and have to do even more deliveries then initially anticipated. After roleplaying a character in a specific way for months, and being just shy of 300 deliveries, I find this somewhat disheartening. I have to do around 130 deliveries with my new truck just to break even on my investment now. That's around 22 pure hours of deliveries, and the entire time I know that if my character was less stubborn and more of a "team player" before joining up with a trucking company I would earn more with less hassle. My question is, why is there no up-side to owning your own vehicle? My only explanation for this is that it's meant to be an incentive for characters to loop up with trucking companies, which makes sense to some degree, however the heavy investment into one's personal work-vehicle would assumable suffice. To me, it seems like the script job is forcing characters to be a part of trucking companies if they want to earn /anything/. My character has been complaining about this IC, but as far as I know, this is not something that can be changed IC. I understand if this comes off as personal winging, but I'd like to invite a discussion around ways trucking can be improved. Directed towards what was said above, with trucking being "slavery", it's not. You earn decent money the further up the ladder you go. The more time invested, the greater the reward. Balanced with fishing, which can make around 4-6k an hour depending on player RNG, trucking is more of a long-term profession since fishing can only keep you going until you have 400k in personal assets. Despite my complaint above I still earn $1200 a shipment, which is better then I would earn fishing. TL:DR If my character owns their own truck why do they get paid less then people who don't?
  10. Here's my two cents; You have an engine which supports fist fights. Yes, it's wanky, but it can at the very least be universally applied. If someone does "/me rushes forward, quickly punching X square in the jaw." while the other person is typing, I'd take that ICly as a sucker-punch, a cheap-shot. That happens both in the real world, and the virtual one. Where things get dicey is when players of drastically different body-types and heights fight one-another. Because of engine limitations the game treats both parties as equal, when in the context of roleplay, they shouldn't be. In cases where the 5'2 teen-aged girl who has no fighting experience starts laying a beatdown on Mr. 6'4, I'd roleplay it out accordingly or contact an admin for powergaming. TL:DR - I think that engine fighting although limited, is a perfectly reasonable method of conducting certain fights. Adding a rule to stop engine fighting would arbitrate things too much. I believe that admin discretion on case-to-case mishandling of the engine fighting system remains appropriate.
  11. Fancy Toothpaste

    I think there are two key aspects of the drug system that needs to be addressed in-game: Intensive and availability. This to be a very simple concept to grasp. if something is both useful and easy to acquire, people will involve themselves in it. Every role-play function needs to be propped up with in-engine insensitive, else it be entirely left to player discretion. In a perfect world, player discretion would be all that is required, but this is not the case. Secondly, drugs should be both realistically and conventionally easier to acquire in-game considering the levels of drug-related arrests in California. Both of these subjects go hand-in-hand, as one cannot be pragmatically achieved without the other. In the case of drugs there is very little in-game incentive to partake, resulting in few players deciding to tread that line and indulge in what realistically would be a massive Los Santos drug culture. Understanding that I speak in general terms; people use alcohol on server because it has a social aspect and is very easy to attain. In the case of drugs, the social aspect and open availability is missing on this server. I believe drugs will become more sociable if they are easier to attain. A very easy way to increase the amount of drugs on server without adding more suppliers would be the addition of a drug cutting agents. It is no secret that real-life dealers use such methods to increase their profits. Drugs become more and more diluted at each stage of distribution until it reaches the end-user. In many cases a drug user will only get 10%-15% of pure heroine or methamphetamine by the time it reaches them. On server you either have the substance or you do not, and I feel this eliminates many of the nuances of the drug business in general. Cocaine could be lased with flour, baking soda and drywall. Meth can be mixed with baby powder and caffeine powder. Heroin can be diluted with talcum powder, and even laundry detergent. Adding similar items to the game with the ability to dilute drugs will increase the overall supply of drugs on server, and as a result their availability. There is potential for a player to be scammed on a major drug-deal because they assumed they were buying 90% pure heroine, when in reality they are buying 85% sucrose. This could be an excellent incentive for players to find better and better dealers who have purer drug connections. Maybe the addition of fentanyl lased into drugs will radically increase both addiction and chances of over-dose. Maybe a end user assaults his dealer because he got ripped off on shitty coke. Maybe the LSPD raises an eyebrow when they inspect a car and find 75% pure cocaine in the glove-box, signalling that this individual might have some deeper rooted connection to the drug trade. This could also give forensics something to do; looking into the exact contaminants of drugs lifted from the streets. Perhaps bulk drug dealers could buy or have some sort of "kit" that could tell them the specific potency of a drug before they buy it. Of course, if you are going to add percentages to drugs, there will need to have some sort of in engine effect tied to that percentage. Purer drugs will have to somehow be superior, while diluted drugs will have to be somehow inferior. From a script perspective, I do not know how this could be achieved. Perhaps tie the duration of the drug screen effects as well as the health and weight benefits to the drug's potency. Players who smoke extremely well-grown weed from a very experienced grower will reap more benefits compared to those who smoke skunk weed grown out of a motel bathroom. As for the affects themselves, I believe that it is beneficial to reference preexisting drug systems in video games such as the Fallout chems system. Jet, hydra, buffout, psycho, turbo, steady; all of these when cleverly utilised can create a much easier player experience, yet the counter balance to this system is that these substances come with the possibility of addiction which brings it's own consequences. The game designers are simultaneously encouraging and discouraging the use of these substances which balances the player experience. I believe that this is a very good example of an in-game system temping the player to do something that has overlaying benefits with the possibility of repercussions. Perhaps a more interesting addiction system could be added. A player who uses repetitively gains improved benefits, but runs the risk of experiencing negative withdrawal symptoms when they do not use for a certain amount of time. This could result in players always chasing the next line of coke, or spike of heroine, which in my opinion will render a more realistic portrayal of drugs on server compared to the current, and also improve the market in general, since there would be a base of repetitive users. The specifics of my message do not have to be deployed, but If the drug system is overhauled, it is my belief that it should aim to achieve: - A general buff to drug screen effects and their in-engine utility. - A general increase in users. - An increase in general drug availability. - Heavily motivate repetitive use with repercussions when the player fails to do so. - Allow for a more dynamic environment for those engaging in drug-based roleplay. - Add a possibility of overdose. - Be a more lucrative boon for organised crime on server.
  12. Fancy Toothpaste

    Is this property still for sale?
  13. Fancy Toothpaste

    Why isn't the first allowed anyways? Is it simply poorly executed every time? On the topic of the thread, personally I'd like to see a a little more of a subtle presence when it comes to organised crime groups. The Italian mafia families seem to be doing this really well with their ownership of legitimate businesses. Maybe something like an actual cartel presence (not street gang), or a group based mostly around white collar crime apposed to amassing territory.
  14. [SELLING] Gauntlet Hellfire - Registered and insured, fully upgraded, low mileage Starting Bid: $140,000 Buy-out: $180,000 Screenshots: Registered: Yes Insured: Yes Odometer: 180.77 miles (as of right now) Brakes: 3/3 Engine: 4/4 Transmission: 3/3 Turbo: Yes GPS: Installed Tint Value: 1 Stock Price: $150,000 Phone: 1444096 or Email //Forum PM// if interested.