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  1. SKENG

    Ohhhh my g! I got a new discord pm me for it.
  2. SKENG

    Not sure why it concerns you so much, please keep it off the thread any questions and concerns can be directed to me via PM's.
  3. SKENG

    Cartel RP finally, following!
  4. SKENG

    OOC Information: -Upon joining the faction and becoming an insider, you automatically give the leadership of The South Florida Crew the rights to Character Kill you're character whenever it is deemed necessary. -Screenshot permissions must be granted from either me @SKENG or @Kilos before posting on the thread. -We hold a high standard as a faction for role play and abiding by all server rules at all times, we have a zero tolerance for rule breakers and it will result in a OOC kick/ban and an IC CK depending on the circumstances. -We do have a discord which we will pass to you but this doesn't mean you're automatically in the faction, all recruitment is strictly done in character, there is no shortcuts the Faction Discord is merely a place to chill and find out when we're active, PM @SKENG or @Kilos for an invite. For anyone who is struggling to find a way to get involved or just want some general knowledge on how to here below: First and foremost, be a Faction member second, and a character first, always remember that as I believe in self driven role play and development, do not expect to join and be spoon fed role play, if you cannot take the initiative to do your own role play and make your own way, this faction is not for you. Remember you're roleplaying a person, someone who has vulnerability's does your character have a big gambling problem? think of how that can affect your persona, he might take on a loan from the local wise guy and end up in his pocket thus becoming a part of the faction working under him. The possibilities are endless, you could be a legal role player and end up being forced in a subtle mannerism to launder money through your business for the faction, there is many ways one can get involved with the Mob, just be as realistic as you can, don't spawn as Johnny the cat and run around like "HO MADDONE" doing stupid stereotypical stuff.
  5. SKENG

    Asian boyz esque I like it watching
  6. SKENG

    good luck boys.