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  1. cosik

    This is amazing.
  2. cosik

    It worths one hundred percent. I watched it on internet and on HBO Go as well. Its so realistic and its based on the true story. The ones who made this TV series have spent a good amount of time doing research about the real life incident.
  3. cosik

    One of my favorite TV series. I watched all the seasons and I enjoyed it a lot. I definitely recommend it.
  4. cosik

    I watched it several times. Last time I watched it was a few months ago. I consider it one of the best old prison movies. The action itself its pretty good and I like how they grow up from simply being small gangbangers to La eMe members. The ending is pretty sad but it makes sense.
  5. cosik

    Last movie I seen was Spiderman Far From Home. Pretty good movie actually. I liked it and the actors were good too.
  6. cosik

    Chicago PD Chicago Fire Sons of Anarchy Lucifer Casa de Papel SWAT Narcos El Chapo
  7. cosik

    I am watching this. Great job.
  8. cosik

    keep it up
  9. cosik

    Take this far.
  10. cosik

    Looks really good!
  11. cosik

    Good luck with it.
  12. cosik

    For me donating has always been a nice way to support someone/a community. You do it ONLY if you want to and I would do it on any game or server I enjoy.
  13. The trucking job has always been an interesting job for me, personally. What I think is that if you actually wanna enjoy this action you should also roleplay pretty much around it. If you just do trucking without any kind of roleplay is equivalent with not doing it at all.
  14. cosik

    I personally don’t recommend you using them because it makes your game harder. I tried using many ENBs on other GTAs and it didn’t really help me when it was about visual effect and performance.
  15. Would be really cool if there would be a massive incident that would involve FD even more. Something that forces them to roleplay at their maximum potential.