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  1. lol everyone is reading so much into the difference which is pretty simple rpg -> stat driven roleplay rp -> lore driven roleplay rpgs revolve around stats while rp lacks the definitive framework of stats where players are placed upon a clear ladder which makes (imo) rp more difficult
  2. who here plays ck2
  3. it is, actually. in fact it's highly specific to this faction that has recently opened up even though there's an amount of other eastern european factions, and hence provides no sort of original content of its own other than a myriad of roleplay that is already portrayed by said factions.
  4. i cant find it anywhere
  5. ls becomes eastern europe more and more by the day. cant wait for a cold war to spontaneously occur within ls
  6. the millionth eastern european faction. smh
  7. do bronze donators get a badge
  8. there is no such thing as criminal rp what the fuck is that lmao there are crimes, but we're all civilians? and is it the singular act of committing a crime that makes you a "criminal RPer"? or is there a threshold? what even is a "criminal rp flavor"? the script is highly red taped and there's only a few with access to script mechanics anyway when we're talking about the root of criminal rp (we're talking drugs and guns here), so it doesn't matter for the majority of people. "criminal rp", or the idea that OP tries to push that there is any sort of dichotomy between players, is a silly concept. if you walk around irl looking at people thinking "this guy is a criminal but this guy isn't" then you're naive. everyone's a criminal, most of us just haven't been caught. if you think you're not a criminal then you don't know your laws well enough.
  9. Preferably large, with a swimming pool or garage. Email me ((forum PM)) with offers/information or respond here.
  10. always fucked with your rp DLimit, cool shit man
  11. i never said you did, but a PF license only grants access to shotguns and glocks, the weakest tier of weapons.
  12. see this is what i think is overstated, glocks in general arent that powerful compared to other weapons. you would know this if you've been in shootouts with any sort of automatic weapon. in general, if a gangster does end up in a shootout with a glock vs any sort of automatic firearm, its really, really bad for him. that's why i think this whole thing's overstated and exaggerated anyway. the illegal market still has massive influence and a large demand for, as it did before this rule being a thing.
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