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  1. maramizo

    Preferably large, with a swimming pool or garage. Email me ((forum PM)) with offers/information or respond here.
  2. maramizo

    always fucked with your rp DLimit, cool shit man
  3. i never said you did, but a PF license only grants access to shotguns and glocks, the weakest tier of weapons.
  4. see this is what i think is overstated, glocks in general arent that powerful compared to other weapons. you would know this if you've been in shootouts with any sort of automatic weapon. in general, if a gangster does end up in a shootout with a glock vs any sort of automatic firearm, its really, really bad for him. that's why i think this whole thing's overstated and exaggerated anyway. the illegal market still has massive influence and a large demand for, as it did before this rule being a thing.
  5. it baffles me how people are defending an ooc investigation into ic matters. admin enforced metagaming is still metagaming.
  6. see i think we're onto something from that approach. i think roleplay should lead to more roleplay and that creativity should not be disrupted. if that's what's happening, an exaggerated amount of murders occurring through LEGAL firearms, then clearly there should be more active detectives in the LSPD. the new corpse system is good or so i've heard. so rather than shutting it down through silly OOC stuff, let it happen and encourage more specific sorts of roleplay that tackle that issue
  7. a-fucking-men. also people keep repeating the same dumb statement "illegal market wouldn't exist"... except this rule wasn't in place a few months back, and guess what, illegal market was doing fine. lol.................................
  8. these two are not replacements to each other and never will be
  9. except thats what they do irl. that or literally purchase firearm parts and assemble them (which is perfectly legal). also note that heavier firearms are only available through illegal methods. good luck standing with a glock vs an uzi.
  10. was making a pf license application when i came across this joke of a paragraph i don't know what sort of clown set this into motion but this makes no sense. in what world do non-convicted gang members not have access to guns?
  11. maramizo

    instead of solely criticising ideas, offer solutions and alternatives. you don't like the building, cool, where do you propose this should be set? the idea was for it to be a public school, with a superintendent and staff available across the school and a tuition program of one or two classes a day (based on ooc discussion on discord to make sure availability isn't an issue since ooc restriction is an obvious factor here, and since catering to roleplay is the main point) with extra credit and on-campus availability (so students can still hang around the school even after time's up so long as they don't lock themselves up in a room, et cetera (same restrictions that are available in some public schools the LAUSD). so going through "the government" then only becomes a matter of individual administrative appease (teachers acquiring certification, etc), given that a public school is... publicly owned. we're willing to roleplay teachers, principals, students and counselor. under this pretense, contacting gov IC sounds ludicrous, unless if somehow we're supposed to IC'ly call the government to start building public schools (which sounds equally insane). all of this being said, it would be healthier if you would list your requirements and help us get this through. there's no need for this repetitive bashing and shutting down of ideas. we would all appreciate a guide and hate a critic.
  12. maramizo

  13. maramizo

  14. maramizo

    @eyebrows @Rukka we need FM support in order to gain access to Davis Court's interior & customize it to be a school
  15. maramizo

    a lot of us out there roleplay being teenagers. we should make a discord in order to arrange rp & also see who's better off roleplaying a teacher among other things. make a discord & post up the invite here