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  1. qcumber

    If someone uses a musket on me I’m just gonna let them kill me.
  2. qcumber

    The "teen ghetto gang member" cliche is definitely common throughout the server, but that doesn't mean that there isn't room for innovation. Most people think that you are restricted to being a shooter for a gang if you go down this road, but you can always try to be unique (i.e a hyperactive teen with a knack for cars or something else that hasn't been done to the same extent). You can also roleplay a person who is in love with BMX-ing or other sports and somehow gets wrapped up in crime through either addiction, lust for power, or another ulterior motive. In the end, as long as you are having fun with what you are doing, you can do whatever. But if you want to be unique, try thinking outside of the box. Look up some stories of people who never thought they would get into crime and try to find some concepts you want to explore in that. Hope this helps!
  3. qcumber

    Ball 101.
  4. qcumber

    A lot of cool faction ideas, especially on the civilian side (i.e political groups like trade unions and fringe political parties), can’t really be properly portrayed in game without a more active government and legal roleplay scene. It’s kind of a shame considering the vast amount of potential in that area of RP left untapped.
  5. While this sounds nice in theory, there is a reason why you should have to restrict the player's choices when it comes to create a faction. Most real-life illegal or legal associations are born out of a certain socioeconomic climate, and in the Grand Theft Auto Universe (and, subsequently, the GTA: World universe) that socioeconomic climate is more suited towards Los Angeles and parts of southern and northern California. This makes certain ideas for factions improbable, for example a Quebecois Mobster organization would not make a whole lot of sense in inner-city Los Angeles when their operations are almost entirely based in Canada. This is also why you see numerous Hispanic and African-American gangs being accepted as a GTA: World faction: their status as a street gang and their location relative to their real life counterpart makes sense given what Los Santos and the greater area of San Andreas represents.
  6. qcumber

    Really hope this leads to more government roleplay and a more active political RP scene. Have fun!
  7. It is insane that this discussion is being argued. Fictional pedophilia is still pedophilia.
  8. qcumber

    Pretty late, but congrats on 100(ish) pages of screens! Keep having fun.
  9. qcumber

    People do need to have a set description for their characters. It does not need to be a novel, though. Just a few short segments about your character's physical appearance (if they are of a certain weight, if they have any visible gang affiliated tattoos, if they have any specific identifiable features like scars or physical deformities). These can help people recognize one another in game ICly, and can provide more depth to a character's story. It is best to have this be mandatory and have new players write up their first major descriptions during character creation rather than these same new players waiting until they are told to make one to write up a description.
  10. qcumber

  11. qcumber

    One of the coolest factions I’ve ever had the chance of seeing IC. Dope as hell.