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  1. Dustyboi

    scammed someone out of a $250 star citizen ship and I don't even have the game
  2. It should be bi-weekly in my opinion, but that's just me. lol
  3. 20 per month, which may seem like a lot, but when it's spread between factions, it gets hazey.
  4. The sheer fact that PD can use voice chat for their IC radio should be evidence enough. The moment an officer sees a crime being commited, they report it over TS and fifteen squad cars are on the scene in seconds. It makes it INCREDIBLY frustrating to do criminal RP when the police have so many advantages- hardly any repercussions for dying, as they can't lose any items on their person when they die, have been reported for meta gaming with very clear evidence without anything being done against them, and will charge groups of armed individuals alone and suffer no consequences if they die (which would fall under FearRP; I've seen this done with one officer armed with a sidearm and a group of men armed with shotguns).
  5. Dustyboi

    https://streamable.com/fd4eu5 not really drifting, but good practice stuff I guess
  6. Dustyboi

    Frontier Industries Mass Effect RP on gmod like 6 years ago.
  7. Dustyboi

    Prohibition mobster lookin'
  8. Name: SurSide13 Comment: PDK When I was 11 I turned 13 puto, fuck 12.
  9. Dustyboi

  10. Dustyboi

    I really needed this, my screenshot game is lacking HARD