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  1. Username: seashore Comment: @LilToxic69 you may be the biggest retard incel i have ever seen. like, wow. i'm actually surprised that this level of autism is possible. @FreddyMellet do us a favour and get rid of this weirdo. (( @Zayyy @Freddy Mellet ))
  2. Name: seashore Comment: god bless all of ya over there, will never understand the deranged fucking apes that decide attacking the people that they also call for help when their gangbanger homie gets shot. y'all definitely aren't paid enough for the work you do, please stay safe.
  3. Username: seashore Comment: black davis gangbangers: nigga black sheriff: nigga black davis gangbangers:
  4. tl;dr the riot was an excuse for throwaway gangbanger characters with 30 hours total to deathmatch without getting banned. let's just say it was an 8 hour purge and call it a day
  5. gwen sato (lesbian) sasha luxon (lesbian) kinda quirky doe 😳
  6. i really fucking dig the whole internal dialogue with falcone. good stuff. welcome to FD, hope you enjoy it here 🙂
  7. @SpawnMatrix @Selena honestly these two have always stood out to me as some of the best staff on the team, especially with their legal FM work, where i deal with them often. they've been around for as long as i have and they've helped me countless times. imo, these two are sometimes underappreciated. the work they do is fucking incredible @Cheeezy climbing up nicely, i can see you solidifying yourself as just as much of a valuable admin and member of legal FM, as the work you've done so far has been really great. @Sharvit keep on climbing buddy, you're doing great so far ❤️
  8. joshua

    Drop a lie

    hello, im bill
  9. nah, keep going. support is literally barely a fucking staff member, they're just the punching bags of gta:w. 4.
  10. joshua


    This is also what I've seen happen, on a few occasions.
  11. play stupid games win stupid prizes imo
  12. it's not as much of a problem as people make it out to be, really. plus, it's pretty easily reported unlike other things. for reference, an old server i played on had a system whereby you'd use commands to change languages, then when you spoke, it'd print in chat as * [Player] says something in [language]. And if you knew the language, it'd pop up in chat as the actual message. overall, though, a stupidly complex script to code just for this purpose, much better places to put effort into. for once, i'll actually agree with the 'just report them' mindset, as this isn't as grey as other things.
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