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  1. WhitemanEric

    This is gonna be great! Let's get it Green Nation.
  2. Username: GeckoMan22 Comment: The "security" industry is full of those kids in high school that were kiss asses to the teachers, and hall monitors. The security they offer is no more legal than if I paid a hobo $10 to watch my car in a parking lot. Paul Blart boot lickers.
  3. WhitemanEric

    This is about to break records, on GOD.
  4. WhitemanEric

    DarkRP on Gmod originally then I bounced around, but the first server that I did "real" RP on was MafiaRP on Gmod.
  5. WhitemanEric

    Now this is the kind of quality I love to see in a guide
  6. WhitemanEric

    Oh hell yeah
  7. WhitemanEric

  8. WhitemanEric