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  1. Sebz

    I appreciate the replies. To reiterate, my suggestion is mostly aimed at having the LSPD reevaluate their stance on lethal force and to perhaps have them try tracking mode with helicopters more. If and when I flee on my modified sports bike, I expect to lose the police, however, I do it knowing very well that I may crash and be injured or otherwise be outsmarted by the police. Tracking mode is proven successful versus motorbikes and there are real life videos of this on youtube where bikers thought they were away but were really being viewed parking their bikes on forward-looking infrared (FLIR). Ramming someone off of a bike or trying to cause them to wreck is simply dangerous and puts officers and the community at risk. There's a point when you as a department must decide the terminate a pursuit fully or utilize alternative methods (tracking mode, warrants) to come out on top. At the end of the day, sometimes you lose as an LEO and you should be prepared for this as well. I know this because I have been involved with LSPD roleplay for ~6 years on LS-RP. When I started, I never wanted to lose. Having a suspect get away would boil my blood. After years of roleplaying and multiple eras of police chiefs, I came to enjoy losing and finding someone later when they weren't expecting it. TL:DR - Reevaluate policies, utilize tracking mode more and prepare to accept failure.
  2. Sebz

    I had a negative experience several days ago but didn't know where to take it, thankfully this topic exists. For the record, I had shadowplay active during the situation but it never crossed my mind to save the footage and it was lost. Regardless, this is what happened. Myself and two friends were riding DD-Ts through the city and were eventually approached by a cop on a police bike. We pulled over, but the cop asked my friends to leave, only wanting to speak to me. There's nothing wrong with this, this is what might be expected for the safety of an officer. However, I took exception to this request IC and fled the scene. A ~45 minute pursuit would ensue, involving what at least seemed to be seven vehicles including two police bikes, suvs and even unmarked cars. The presence is fine and is realistic, however, what happened throughout the pursuit is not. I had cruisers attempting to outright side-by-side ride with my bike at ~120 miles per hour. Some of them attempted to pit me off the bike at this speed which is outright ridiculous considering the risk to themselves and the certainty that I would be killed in this scenario. Towards the end of the chase, I had cars coming to every intersection blocking them, which could be seen as a nice tactic to make me take turns and slow down, however once I came close to these cars, they would reverse or move forward to attempt to make me hit them. During the entire chase, a helicopter was pursuing me as well but at no point was a tracking mode attempted. Only when an in character phone call was made as a diversion for the police did everyone leave my tail and stop attempting to kill me. I understand that it may be within policy to use force against someone who is evading the police, but you will never in your life see a police car hitting top speed to ram someone off of a bike on city streets, nor will you see them trying to stop a vehicle with their own at an intersection. This is very reminiscent of the Michael Houston era of the LSPD in which cruisers were allowed to do rolling interceptions effectively cause a suspect to t-bone their car. I will make it clear that during Houston's tenure this was amended and all head-on and sideways interceptions were disallowed, I'm not knocking him, I'm just trying to help illustrate the issue for someone who was around during this time. To further prove my point (again, no screens/footage, you'll have to take my word) a few days later my group was tailing an LSPD pursuit at a distance just to see what was going on with the chase, trying to figure it out. As expected the LSPD took exception to this, which is what should have happened. However, later on when Rob's Liquor was robbed and my group was present, the police came and we were stopped and spoken to. One officer (who's name I have forgotten) asked if we were the group that was behind the chase earlier. We admitted this and said that we were sorry, it was in the past and that we left them alone which they should have been thankful for. The officers response was that we were "lucky we did" because "lethal force was authorized". LSPD leadership: Put more focus into training supervisors for your department so that lethal force is rarely authorized, let alone for a vehicle pursuit on a non-violent offender with no criminal history. If your current handbook reflects a genuine allowance for lethal force in these situations, modify your policy immediately as this is an incredibly poor representation of a modern day large-scale police department. Thanks for reading.
  3. Sebz


    Glad to see SWAT taken seriously here, it's an integral part of the police department. I'm happy familiar faces stuck around to make this work.