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Bleed The Fee

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  1. Bleed The Fee

    Asian Crips or Bloods are exactly the same as black crips and blood gangs, it's just that they're asian. They act and talk the same but they're just bilingual. All those gangs you mentioned are Crips and Bloods lol, it's the same shit as asian gangs. Asian gangs irl do beef with all types of different gangs, hispanic, black included. It's just not as fun when you have to drive to Davis/Strawberry to interact with other gangs.
  2. Bleed The Fee

    There was a ABZ in vespucci which is close by, I ran a ic gang called asian outlaw bloods in little seoul but theres no other asian factions to interact with so that shit got boring, the only faction that is currently in little seoul now is ms13 i think
  3. Bleed The Fee

    its not chinatown, little seoul is based off koreatown irl but the korean mob and chinese triads would be able to operate there.
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  5. Bleed The Fee

    goin crazy
  6. Bleed The Fee

    yeaaah niggas got the gd's on here. kinda wanna make oblock now, bangbang
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