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  1. Is that a Mellet I see? đź‘€
  2. It's not the server's job to moderate who plays GTA V - it's the parent's job, if the parents find that their child is mature enough to play the game, I don't see why they shouldn't allow it given they're not too young. Age ratings only apply only to the retailer, it's illegal for retailers to sell the game to those underage, it's not illegal to play it if a parent bought it for you and deemed you mature enough. The rules as I see it were put in place precisely for this reason, to make the server a space where parents feel more comfortable allowing their near-adult children to play and should be widely accepted.
  3. Username: FreddyMellet Comment: The 'code' will not be changed, it's in effect a way out of a situation, as long as you are moved to safety it doesn't matter if the offender recognizes the 'code'. If they follow the victim to the safe-zone, they will not be admitted entry in which that is where the first point of contact to law enforcement occurs unless the offender shows aggression, if they attempt an act of violence against a member of the department or the victim, a panic button will be pushed - resulting in a flood of officers to the area.
  4. Taking a look at the vice-versa of the situation, This might be a little unrelated, but sometimes I see role-players complaining about having to wait 15 minutes for LSFD to reach a call, they then make their characters what I like to call 'FD Bashers' after talking all toxic in OOC with friends over this one scene, despite the fact that 15 minutes is reasonable if you relate it to real life where the average at least in the UK is around 16 minutes. If it takes 15 minutes it's typically because it interrupted other role-play that had to be concluded first or the call was far out, and RPly it is a completely reasonable time to respond within, potentially even admirable. People decide on this unreasonable role-play based on OOC frustration, it's like people who RP that LSFD is a 'lesbian faction' which is the furthest thing from true based on OOC facts they heard from their friends who saw the department over a year ago when it was majority female. Rallying hate towards a fire department is the furthest thing from realism and doesn't make sense, why would your character actively spend time bashing a fire department of all things over having to wait a completely reasonable time to be treated? Don't get me wrong I'm not blind to issues, I've seen mishaps happen sometimes and that's all in good roleplay, mistakes happen and there are genuine reasons at times to be frustrated at things in roleplay, but waiting 15 minutes?? I mean come on, that's not basis for your entire character to become someone who in real life would be protested against, someone with a hate for emergency medical workers in broad daylight, in real life they'd be absolutely shamed for speaking as ill as they do. There's definitely a lot of mixing as I see it in respect to how things are treated and it generally all boils down to people needing to be more respective of each-others roleplay and consider other people's characters too, not just their own. For example if I can only get on two hours a day, people shouldn't treat my character like they sleep for 22 hours a day and work for two... It's unreasonable. My thoughts here are a bit all over the place but I hope I paint the picture.
  5. Username: FreddyMellet Comment: Was a pleasure as always Callie, keep up the good work!
  6. User 'Vinklo' has been banned from commenting. "Discrimination / Racism."
  7. Username: WTFLSGOV Comment: "We wish to thank Mayor Vincent Rockford for all the work he has done for the city of Los Santos".... What the actual fuck has Mayor Rockford done for our city other than demand things that are completely unreasonable?...
  8. User 'the_devil_is_a_goat' has been banned from commenting. "Inciting violence, wishing death on medical emergency workers."
  9. User 'LilToxic69' has been banned from commenting. "Discrimination, general toxicity, wishing for the death of medical and fire emergency workers."
  10. Username: FreddyMellet Comment: Let's try keep the toxicity minimal, but just to put factual information out there, the department is near enough an equal male to female ratio and as far as we're aware the majority of our female workers are heterosexual, not that it is a problem to be a lesbian at all. It's odd to stand on the side of equality when it comes to race and not stand for the same when it comes to sexuality. Discrimination is not okay, shame on you.
  11. User 'fuckyohomiedead' has been banned from commenting. "Death threats / Inciting violence."
  12. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - LOS SANTOS RIOTS Los Santos Riots⠀ ⠀ Written by: Freddy Mellet Published: 06/JUL/2020 On the 5th of July, riots broke out in Los Santos in efforts from the public to protest against Law Enforcement regarding racial profiling and/or general racism. Due to the large area in which these major incidents occur in tandem as well as the frequency, the Los Santos Fire Department will not be publishing press releases regarding every scene, however we would like to follow up on the first night of the riots and where we stand on the issues the public raise. The Los Santos Fire Department has the upmost respect for all people, regardless of ethnicity and any differences that are a part of what make people who they are, they are held to a very high standard when it comes to discrimination and have strict conduct against it. As a partnering agency under the Los Santos Government to the Sheriff’s Department and the Police Department however, the department for the most-part aren’t as subjected to the issues that are being protested against and will therefore be unable to comment on if there are indeed issues in Law Enforcement regarding that nature. With the aforementioned being said, we can assure the public that if there is indeed a problem within their ranks, we condemn it fully and are absolutely confident that the command of said departments will not sweep misconduct under the rug if reported properly, as seen in previous media regarding misconduct from said departments in which employment terminations and/or other disciplinary action has been issued. The Fire Department received a call about violent rioting in Central Davis and were asked to hold a position nearby while a scene was cleared for them, in which a police car had been spray-painted over and set on fire by protesters. Upon the scene being cleared around fifteen minutes later, firefighters approached the vehicle to find it completely destroyed and under a large blaze for a vehicle, it’s believed it was very close to the point of exploding, firefighters rushed to quickly spraying it out and foaming it over to prevent re-ignition. During the knock-down of the fire situated on Brogue Avenue, the department received a call over departmental radio from the Los Santos Police Department informing them that Station Three has been stormed by protesters in which Engine 33 had been set on fire, spreading to the structural support beams of the building. The interior of the station was safe due to the station’s extensive sprinkler system however some light charring struck the support beams on the exterior. The Fire Department quickly rushed over to Fire Station Three after they had been cleared to move in, roadblocks were seen guarding a huge area around the station defending the firefighters, provided by the Los Santos Police and Sheriff’s Department. The Engine and structure beams respective fires had been knocked down in roughly 10 minutes from arriving on scene, in which firefighters were then escorted by the Police Department's SWAT team, checking inside for protesters in efforts to ensure the interior of the structure was not alight and no department personnel were injured, after a thorough sweep it was concluded that no fire or protesters were found inside, nor were there any casualties. Engine 33 was reviewed for damages the following day after being towed down to Fire Station Seven with an armed convoy provided by the Fire Marshals in which when assessed, it was determined that the vehicle was damaged beyond repair and had ultimately been decommissioned. Fire Station Three’s damages are still being assessed for water damage from the sprinkler system, as well as fire damage to the structural support beams. The station is currently out of service and not to be used, temporarily using the Los Santos International Airport’s Station Six as a base of operations for the department's Urban Search & Rescue division. Shortly after the sweep of Fire Station Three, a motorbike had managed to pass through the police blockade in place and struck two deputies of the Sheriff’s Department as well as the Fire Department’s Public Relations Director, before quickly being shot down by the police. The suspect was declared deceased shortly after. A mayday was declared over radio and the two deputies as well as the aforementioned director were transported to Davis Central Hospital in which they were treated for respective injuries shortly after. The Los Santos Sheriffs and Police Departments had eventually dispersed the crowd and the firefighters that had been called out to knock down the fire and treat patients returned to Fire Station Seven which had been blockaded in prevention of potential further attacks against the Fire Department. Davis from there had been declared a red zone by the department’s High Command in which firefighters may now only enter the area when escorted by Fire Marshals or the Police Department, that red zone status still stands today and ballistic vests are to be worn throughout the city. After a debriefing at Station Seven, the department received a further influx of dispatch calls to the City Hall in Alta in which protesters had begun another riot, there were mass casualties and many deceased on arrival. Due to the extensive over-working of our department and the need to draft in further medical personnel, the department does not have official figures to publish however it’s known that from the first night of the riots at least twelve patients were transported to hospital and at least nine civilians were deceased on arrival. Alta has now also been declared a red zone for the department and the protesting continues throughout the night shifts of each day, it is unclear at this time why the Fire Department had been attacked during the riots while saving the lives of the crowd, given that they have a good reputation in regards to discrimination and are not Law Enforcement which were being protested, it is suspected that it was due to the department being an agency of the government. The department would like to stress to the public that protesting against Law Enforcement in a none peaceful manner causes lives lost and injury for many more, it creates a larger police presence in your local communities and change can’t be focused on due to the crisis that needs to be contained, if you truly want to see change, protest peacefully and contact the City of Los Santos on what change is needed and why, movements like this are not an excuse to break the law and put people in danger. Condolences go out to the loved ones of those who have sadly lost their lives and families that were torn apart by the tirade of hate towards the Government and its Law Enforcement. Fire Station Seven is a place of shelter for all, if you or your loved ones become in danger due to the location of your housing or other concerns, the station can provide a safe place to temporarily shelter, this is in line with our Safe Harbor Initiative. Your LSFD stands with you Los Santos, but in peacefully doing so. ⠀ Units Dispatched: Engine-71, Engine-72, Engine-74, RA-71, RA-72, RA-73, RA-74, PR-72, Quint-71
  13. Username: FreddyMellet Comment: Was a pleasure being there, numbers turned out great and a good deed was done. Thanks to all the organisers as well as those who donated!
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