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  1. Nickname: ((Character's username)) E-mail: ((Character's email)) Comment: ((Text)) For better formatting and layout, check out the press releases on our website at lsfd.sa.gov/newsletters.
  2. Firefighters respond to a beached Tugboat at the Alamo Sea Sunday, July the 21st 2019 LSFD Public Information Officer: Chief Chloe MacKenzie A tug rests on the beach as firefighter assess the situation. ALAMO SEA - At 13:20 on Sunday, July the 21st 2019, your Los Santos Fire Department were called to reports of a tugboat that had beached itself off Marina Drive near Sandy Shores. Concerned for the safety of those on board and the risk to the environment, fire department resources were dispatched to the scene. On arrival members of Engine 1 and the elite Maritime Division found a tugboat that had indeed beached itself off Marina Drive. Members assessed the situation and determined that there was no threat to the environment, no significant damage to the boat and most importantly no one was injured. It was at this point additional resources arrived on scene to liaise with the Captain of the stranded vessel and the Los Santos Police Department about recovering the vessel that was resting in a precarious position and still posed a threat to life. Initially it was determined the best cause of action would be to utilise other tugboats to pull it back out to sea, how-ever both rivers into the Alamo Sea have low bridges, waterfalls and rapids. This option was quickly ruled out as not possible while other options were considered amongst several parties on scene. The Fire Department's primary concern being that the tilting Tug was in an unsafe position and could cause injury if not recovered properly. Through cooperation with the Maritime Division leader of the Fire Department, the Captain of the ship and the Los Santos Police Department, a plan was formed to pull the tugboat back out to sea using mooring cables, a team of dozers and rocks on the seabed. Shortly after reaching out, a team of Dozers from HVY arrived on scene to liaise with the parties involved. The cables were attached to the dozers and handed over to the Fire Department's dive team to secure to the seabed, and then the tug. Once the land and water was cleared of pedestrians, boats and vehicles - the dozers pulled the mooring cables and brought the tug back into the water. The operation was a success and the boat was able to resume operations in the Alamo Sea. There were no reported injuries, hazards to the environment or damage to the vehicle involved and by 15:45 was declared concluded. Dispatched LSFD Units: B1, E1, LP1 and MR1 as Dive 1, MS1
  3. Rather than have /camera spam the chatbox when you move around to get different photographic angles, have it popup above your head as it would with /ame.
  4. Nickname: ((Character's username)) E-mail: ((Character's email)) Comment: ((Text)) For better formatting and layout, check out the press releases on our website at lsfd.sa.gov/newsletters.
  5. Roof collapses after house fire in Banham Canyon Wednesday, July the 10th 2019 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie Fire apparatus surround the burning building. BANHAM CANYON - At 18:56 on Tuesday, July the 9th 2019, the Los Santos Fire Department were notified of a Brush Fire in the Banham Canyon, a standard Brush response was dispatched to the scene with Air Operations being put on standby. How-ever while en route further reports came in of a structure on fire, and the response was upgraded. On arrival at Inseno Road it was apparent that a three story coastal home was heavily involved in fire showing from the roof. An offensive attack was initiated and firefighters searched the structure, finding no one inside. Firefighters outside headed to the roof to try and knock down the fire while other firefighters surrounded the property to prevent spread to surrounding exposed property and brush. Due to the steepness and height of the roof, Firefighters struggled to make access to fire burning in the attic as it weakened the structure of the roof. At 19:34 a partial collapse of the roof occurred, forcing Firefighters off the roof and into defensive mode - meaning no one is allowed in or near the structure. The style of attack was changed as Firefighters focused the deluge guns on the roof and hit it with fire hoses from the outside. At 19:43 knock down was declared with the incident being concluded a short while later at 20:01. There were no reported injuries or damage to other properties. The cause and the cost of damage is currently being being investigated. Dispatched LSFD Units: B1, BR1, E1, E2, E3, RB1 The house while the roof was involved in fire.
  6. Cobra

    "Happy Birthday America! Your #LSFD are proud to serve this great country and respect the values of liberty, self-government, equality, individualism, diversity, and unity. "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." #4thJuly | #IndependenceDay | #Safe4th" Check out our Facebrowser for more posts like this.
  7. Cobra

    Recruitment is now open! See our website by clicking here for more details.
  8. Nickname: ((Character's username)) E-mail: ((Character's email)) Comment: ((Text)) For better formatting and layout, check out the press releases on our website at lsfd.sa.gov/newsletters.
  9. Los Santos Fire Department Monthly Bulletin Newsletter #12 - June 2019 Opening Statement As always, it has been a very busy month – and one packed with change within the Los Santos Fire Department. Nevertheless, we’ll continue to maintain our pledge to keeping the citizens of Los Santos safe. This month, the Department has seen the departure of Fire Chief Lucas Bjorn, and will be seeing in his successor in good time, who, like Bjorn, will continue to craft the future of the Department into one that thrives for everybody. We have also been dealing with callouts both major and minor – from small falls right up to vehicles being stranded in bodies of water. However, there has also been a number of saddening incidents in the line of duty, including the injury of a firefighter during a perilous cliff rescue. This will not deter us from our work, though, and we will continue to endeavour to save lives whenever and wherever. The Department will thus keep increasing its presence in the cities and counties of Los Santos, and Blaine, as we move into the height of summer to raise awareness of the work that we do. We at the Los Santos Fire Department hope that everyone has a great summer and remains safe – and to all of our hard-working firefighters, the best of luck! Resignation of Fire Chief Lucas Bjorn Fire Chief Lucas Bjorn resigns 4 months after being instated as Fire Chief in March 2019. During his time as Fire Chief, Lucas Bjorn made changes to the ranking system and the structure of the Los Santos Fire Department. Fire Chief Lucas Bjorn resigned on June the 22nd, 2019. Changes to Emergency Medical Services Starting with the month of July, two changes to how we provide Basic Life Support and Emergency Medical Services will be put in place under the direction of Training and Recruitment Director, Lieutenant Alexandra Klenova, MD. Office Number: 06914745 Office Email: [email protected] Featured Division At the end of each month we feature a division in our newsletter, explaining what the division does, what they've been doing and a statement from the division leader. Air Operations Division - "Air Ops" The formerly named Air Support Division, now known as the Air Operations Division is responsible for responding to and performing search and rescues, firefighting missions, medical response and transportation when the situation is circumstantial e.g. a vehicle has crashed in inaccessible terrain. Members within our Air Operations Division are some of the most elite employee's within our department as the division is a very demanding and stressful branch of our department. With that said the Air Operations Division is one of the most enjoyed and desired divisions in the department - who doesn't like to fly, right? I asked the Director of Air Operations, Deputy Chief Osborne to make a statement regarding the division and he said: Featured Member Each month we give a member of the Los Santos Fire Department the opportunity to feature in our Newsletter, telling us a bit about themselves, where they're from, what they do and where they plan to go. Firefighter II Brody Chapman Meet Firefighter II Brody Chapman! Born in Los Santos, Del Perro on June the 27th, 1992, Brody was a member of our United States Navy as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman and has been deployed twice to Afghanistan. Brody served in the Navy from July the 10th, 2010 up until recently on March the 27th, 2019. After his time with our armed forces, he made the choice to apply to the Los Santos Fire Department citing that he believed the transition back into the life of a civilian would be easier with a job in our department as much of our job here requires medical treatment and a para-military lifestyle. When Brody was asked what his most memorable day in the department was he said it was on a day where he responded to a call in the mountains which required he trek half a mile towards the patient who slid down the mountain with multiple broken bones. When he treated the patient he had to load them up and run back down the mountain to where his unit was parked. This ordeal gave him the desire and idea to have a dedicated mountain rescue vehicle for those type of situations. Outside of work Brody has been practising Judo (don't tussle with him), surfing since he was a child and when he has the time he enjoys hiking and climbing mountains, as outdoor activities are some of his favourite. Awards At the end of the month Firefighters are awarded for their work and dedication towards the Los Santos Fire Department and service towards the community. Below can be found the recognised members of the Fire Department and their awards. This award is obtainable by being voted as the Firefighter of the Month in monthly Supervisory discussions. This month we are proud to award Firefighter of June 2019 to now Firefighter III Sean Edwards. Congratulations! In contrast to Firefighter of the Month, this award is given in recognition of outstanding performance shown during Firefighter Probation. This month we award Rookie of June 2019 to Firefighter Ashleigh Summers. Congratulations! This award is given to those who have successfully served the Los Santos Fire Department for three consecutive months. We would like to thank Marcia Ambrose and Kristy Hough for their 3 months of consecutive service to the community and the Los Santos Fire Department. This award is given to those who have successfully served the Los Santos Fire Department for nine consecutive months. We would like to thank Lieutenant Alexandra Klenova, MD for their 9 months of consecutive service to the community and the Los Santos Fire Department. This award is presented to those who have successfully enlisted in the Air Operations Division. A huge congratulations to Engineer Mikayla Reed for becoming a member of the elite Air Operations Division. Show Los Santos your ace piloting skills while fighting fire and performing rescues! This ribbon is awarded to those who have successfully enlisted in the State Fire Marshal Division. Congratulations to Engineer Kristy Hough and Firefighter Issac Hunter for passing their probation to become a Fire Marshal. Good luck enforcing the law and conducting fire prevention to making our communities a little safer. Awarded to those who have successfully enlisted to the Maritime Division. Congratulations to Firefighter Issac Hunter for enlisting into the Maritime Division. Thank you for protecting our beautiful coastline and saving the lives of those in difficulty. The Public Relations award is given to those who have joined the Public Relations Division. Congratulations to Firefighter Ashleigh Huston for becoming the Fire Department's newest Public Information Officer. Keeping Los Santos informed and providing a link between the department and the public. An award given to those who have successfully enlisted in the Training and Recruitment Division. Congratulations to Firefighters Sean Edwards and Issac Hunter for enlisting into the Training and Recruitment Division. We look forward to your contribution to the future generations of our Department. Awarded to those who have successfully been internally promoted to the Command Team of the Training and Recruitment Division. Many congratulations to Engineer Kristy Hough for being promoted to Assistant Director of Recruitment! May applicants succeed greatly under your command. We'd also like to congratulate Engineer Mikayla Reed for also being promoted to the position of Assistant Director of Training. Awarded to those who have successfully achieved the rank of Fire Lieutenant I. Alongside the many promotions we are witnessing as this month has come to an end, we are happy to introduce three new faces to the Supervisory Staff Team following a successful probation period within the Supervisory Training Program! We would like to congratulate the following three Engineers for their successful entry to the team: Mikayla Reed, Kristy Hough, and Marcia Ambrose. Best of luck in your new pathways within your careers! Awarded to those who have successfully achieved the rank of Captain. A very well deserved promotion is being handed out during this month, the kind of promotion we have not seen for months. Congratulations to Dr. Alexandra Klenova for achieving the rank of Fire Captain, making their sharp entrance into the Command Staff team within the Fire Department. Best of luck in your probation period! PromotionsTo the end of every month members who are due a promotion are discussed by all Supervisory members of the Los Santos Fire Department. Members who have shown dedication, enthusiasm, maturity and have completed the requirements of their rank, are recommended for promotion before Chiefs of the department make the final decision. Below are the members who have successfully received promotions! Firefighter II to Firefighter III Sean Edwards Brody Chapman Issac Hunter Ashleigh Huston Oswald Fredrickson Engineer to Fire Lieutenant I Kristy Hough Mikayla Reed Marcia Ambrose Fire Lieutenant II to Fire Captain Alexandra Klenova Congratulations and best of luck to all members in their new positions. Staff Statistics Below is listed our current number of members at each rank in the Los Santos Fire Department as of 30/JUN/2019 at 14:00. High Command Staff Fire Chief: 0 Assistant Fire Chiefs: 0 Deputy Chiefs: 2 Command Staff Battalion Chief: 1 Fire Captain: 0 Supervisory Staff Fire Lieutenant II: 3 Fire Lieutenant I: 0 Non-Command Staff Engineer: 4 Firefighter III: 1 Firefighter II: 9 Firefighter I: 24 Volunteer Firefighters: 2 Total members: 46 Chief's Statement This month, Deputy Chief Frank Osborne will be giving a statement in place of the vacant Fire Chief position. That concludes this month's bulletin. Thank you for reading, Public Relations Division Facebrowser | Press Releasesspacer
  10. Experimenting and trying to find other way to increase the roleplay opportunities of this server outside of Cops N' Robbers would be great. I'd be more than happy to engage and help out here, something that makes this server really unique in its reflection of roleplaying the life of an American city on the south-west coast!
  11. Cobra

    This guy is literally a dude who is also a side car. He deserves praise.
  12. Cobra

    Firefighters from #FireStation7 conducting a search and rescue drill using a training facility kindly lent to us by the #LSPD. The scenario; an unconscious woman inside a burning home. Firefighters had to feel around in zero visibility while blind-folded to discover the casualty, using only touch and hearing. They discovered the casualty and brought her out to a waiting Ambulance in under fifteen minutes. Train as if your life depends on it, because it does! #LSFD #Training
  13. Nickname: ((Character's username)) E-mail: ((Character's email)) Comment: ((Text)) For better formatting and layout, check out the press releases on our website at lsfd.sa.gov/news.
  14. Firefighter injured during rescue in Raton Canyon Friday, June the 21st, 2019 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie Engineer Mikayla Reed in her uniform. A Firefighter was airlifted and hospitalised after a fall at the Raton Canyon while trying to reach an injured civilian in treacherous terrain on Thursday evening. RATON CANYON - At 21:10 on Thursday, June the 20th 2019, the Los Santos Fire Department were notified of a person who had fallen down a mountainside in the Cassidy Creek at Raton Canyon, the Chiliad State Wilderness. A rescue assignment was dispatched to the scene. On arrival, after an extensive search of the area, the injured adult male was discovered on a hillside and tended to by emergency services personnel. During the incident, Engineer Mikayla Reed of Engine 2, who was making her way on foot, slipped and fell down the mountainside causing serious injury. Additional resources were dispatched to the scene and a search and rescue operation initiated to locate Reed after she transmitted a mayday. There were reports the injured party may have fallen into the water, and as a result Maritime resources were dispatched. After some time Engineer Mikayla Reed was located by the Los Santos Police Department's tracking system on a hillside approximately quarter of a mile north east of the Alamo Sea. Life Flight 1, a search and rescue air ambulance, was sent to the scene to perform a hoist operation before Engineer Reed was transported to a trauma center in Los Santos. Reed was reported to be in a stable condition and responsive at the time of passing over to ER crews. The injured civilian was transported by land Ambulance to an area hospital. The situation was concluded shortly there after by 22:16. Engineer Reed remains in hospital and is recovering well. We all wish her the best of recoveries and hope to see her back at work soon! Dispatched LSFD Units: Brush 1, Engine 2, Life Flight 1, Life Flight 2 (Cancelled), Maritime (Cancelled), Rescue Basic 3, Supervisor 1