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  1. Cobra

    Los Santos Fire Department "We are extremely proud and excited to introduce to Los Santos our newest equipment in fire suppression, technical rescue, emergency medical services and hazardous mitigation - 18 new emergency vehicles! #LSFD | #OnDuty | #FirstResponders " Read the article on our website: https://lsfd.gta.world/viewtopic.php?t=4223 Check out more posts like this on our Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/LSFire
  2. Nickname: ((Character's username)) E-mail: ((Character's email)) Comment: ((Text)) For better formatting and layout, check out the press releases on our website at lsfd.sa.gov/newsletters.
  3. New fleet enhances Fire Department services Friday, September the 20th, 2019 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie The new vehicles lined up in the yard to Fire Station Seven LOS SANTOS - It's a proud day for the Los Santos Fire Department who have just received order of 18 new emergency vehicles to the fleet, drastically updating and improving the service the department provides to the metropolitan area of Los Santos and rural southern San Andreas. The delivery arrived in the early hours of Friday morning in convoy from MTL Fire Apparatus, arriving at Fire Station 7 around midnight. The new fleet will replace almost half of the Fire Department's operational old and outdated fleet. Featured are: 2 new tower ladder trucks, 7 new ambulances, 2 new brush trucks, 1 new swift water rescue vehicle and 6 new command and administrative vehicles. New Tower Ladder Trucks: Quint 1 and Quint 2 Two of the most impressive additions to the fleet are the tower ladder trucks call-signed Quint 1 and Quint 2. The MTL Fire Apparatus 105' Rear Mount Platform trucks replace a previous Brute Utility Mid Mount Platform truck under the callsign Truck 1, which had been out of service for several years due to a number of technical faults. The new apparatus can now carry a crew of four, in addition to 500 US Gallons of water that the previous ladder truck did not carry. The vehicles serve as both ladder and fire suppression units, enabling them to handle a wide variety of fire call outs, traffic collisions, medical emergencies, public service duties, technical rescues and more! One of the most notable features is the 105 foot tower ladder with a bucket, that can reach up to about 8 stories on most buildings commonly found in Downtown or Little Seoul. You'll likely see these around the streets of Los Santos for the foreseeable future due to their hybrid capabilities. New Ambulances: Rescue Ambulances 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 To replace the aging fleet of seven Bronto Ambulances, the Los Santos Fire Department has opted for Bravado Bison pickup chassis and converted them to Ambulances by MTL Fire Apparatus; after a few month long trial. The new Ambulances are more economical, featuring LED lighting and enhanced computer control in addition to higher visibility reflective chevrons on the rear. New Brush Trucks: Brush 1 and 2 To replace a number of Vapid Contenders, the Fire Department sought to choose the much larger and more robust Vapid Sadler pickup chassis modified to a Brush Engine by MTL Fire Apparatus. The vehicles work much like their much larger companions, the Type I Engines for structure firefighting seen in the streets of Los Santos; how-ever instead these Type V Engines are more suited for wildland fires and off-road operations in the mountains and deserts of Blaine County. At a much smaller water tank of 400 US Gallons, the Brush Patrol vehicles can be seen patrolling rural areas looking for potential fire hazards and mitigating them before they become a catastrophic wildfire. They can also be used to provide a quick response to medical emergencies and rescues off road. New Swift Water Rescue 1 One of the more specialist vehicles is the Maritime Division Swift Water Rescue 1, also on a Vapid Salder pickup chassis supplied by MTL. The new water rescue vehicle allows Firefighters to access a variety of areas affected by water emergencies, such as rivers and lakes. The vehicle can deploy a small boat from ontop to perform rescues of those stranded in water as well as tow a much larger boat for incidents off the coast of Los Santos or in the Alamo Sea. New Pickups: Battalion 1, Chief 1, Public Relations 2, Marshal 1, 2 and Fast Response 1 Lastly the fleet saw the addition of six new Vapid Caracara pickups converted by MTL Fire Apparatus. The new vehicles will be in addition to and replace a number of Declasse Grangers and Bravado Buffalos as Chief command units, public relations, fire marshals and fast response vehicles. These pickups can be fitted out for almost any use needed to get equipment and personnel to a variety of scenes and Fire Department situations. The Fire Department is very pleased to receive the new vehicles which will greatly enhance the service the Los Santos Fire Department provides to the citizens and visitors to Los Santos and Blaine Counties. Feel free to come and have a look at our new vehicles, get a tour and take photos!
  4. Still looking! I'll share a photo of the Vespucci home soon.
  5. Me and my partner are looking for a single or two story detached home in Paleto Bay, with a garden and parking. Preferably has a garage. Must be in good condition. May be willing to trade for a single story detached home in Vespucci Beach with garden, garages and fences.
  6. I believe it's more a case of how many are on duty. If there's a period where FD activity is low and a lot of fires, folks feel overwhelmed. When structure fires were first introduced in October we discussed a rule to follow by, that there needs to be at least 8 on duty to have a fire involving the structure of a building. I'm not sure if this rule was ever forwarded how-ever. I know I complained when we had a period of many fires at night with few FD on duty, and we had one scene where one Firefighter had to handle it by himself because no one else came on duty. But being the fire nerd I am, I'd love more fires involving structures! And if we could have it scripted so there's a chance a Structure Fire may occur with say 6 or 8 people or more on duty, that'd be awesome. One or two a week seems realistic.
  7. Cobra

    The discussion is a bit too long so I haven't had chance to read most of pages two and three, but here's some of my thoughts! Interestingly the first suggestion on this page, by @Carlos, mentions more involvement with the people and events. It's the same for us in the LSFD, this is probably our number one suggestion and I love it. And as Director of PR, this is something I want to do! More 'things going on' for people to interact with. Coming across a handful of foot patrol officers in the street will always be nice, and having them showing 'force' in numbers also. How-ever when it comes to organising these things and manpower; I'm not sure about the LSPD, but for us in the LSFD actually managing events and public occasions is very hard due to having real lives and the time we do spend working on FD is often occupied by dealing with Gun Shot Wounds which entirely deplete our resources of available staff. One thing I'm not sure about but does LSPD have civilians working for MRCAD, and what's the recruitment for that like? I'm told people generally find PR boring, but managing events, taking photos and talking to the public (among other things) sounds fun to me! Be sure to hit me up @Cascade! I may be a little inactive lately but I can forward it to the PR team to try and get some FD to join in and help with organising. I love the idea of cycle teams. One of my problems with LSFD, and LSPD, is the robotic feel. But it tends to happen because we feel forced to 'just get it over and done with' when we're handling a large number of roleplay scenarios which seem very repetitive and poorly done, such as Gun Shot Wounds and people dying as a result. When I first started; my first 'DoA' was devastating for my character, Chloe, it was the loss of Sgt Taylor Brown in a TC. I really went into roleplaying the personal feelings for a few weeks, but after declaring so many people deceased (often those characters I then see again) I developed this 'no longer bothered' feel. And I think it's the same for LSPD, after dealing with so many situations where a character has died (and many of which have respawned) it gets tedious roleplaying personal feelings. I feel like most of our roleplay are 'roleplay events' that happen very often and are then over and done with quite quickly, as oppose to an 'ongoing story'. Too many people get shot and killed and yet there's very little roleplay, forcing us to deal with them robotically. Does LSPD feel the same? Also; Only 4 (of 50+) people should be using Grangers in the LSFD. Chiefs and one Captain. If someone is using a Granger when they shouldn't be you can make a report here: https://lsfd.gta.world/viewforum.php?f=53
  8. Happens every day, usually get a handful of fires but most are in underpopulated areas so really only FD see 'em.
  9. For devs: Ways in which the people can interact with the LSFD through script support that benefits Firefighters, victims, criminals and law enforcement. E.g. - Buys fire alarms from LSFD - Installs fire alarms by LSFD - Fire alarms sound when fire - Fire department notified - Fire department put out fire inside property - Property saved - No fire alarm? No notification unless 911 - Fire department doesn't arrive - Interior furniture destroyed - Need to pay for repairs; - Or claim on the home insurance you brought from insurance companies And many more; - Injuries - Illness - Mechanical faults on vehicles leads to fires - Arson - Public hazards such as fallen trees in road, fallen rocks, gas leaks...etc. With the threat to the public being real, it encourages people to reach out to the LSFD and attend events. For us: I have struggled intensively to find more ways to interact with the server by ourselves. Sure, I am always happy to try and get events going but chances are they get cancelled, there's lack of interest or they're just too much effort for not much gain. Most folks don't like the amount of text involved and understandably neither do I. How-ever there will soon be civilian positions for people to apply for in LSFD Public Relations! 😄 For others: I am really interested to know what other things people can come up with so do please post away! The more we can interact with others and have all parties involved enjoying it, the better.
  10. Nickname: ((Character's username)) E-mail: ((Character's email)) Comment: ((Text)) For better formatting and layout, check out the press releases on our website at lsfd.sa.gov/newsletters.
  11. Firefighters respond to a beached Tugboat at the Alamo Sea Sunday, July the 21st 2019 LSFD Public Information Officer: Chief Chloe MacKenzie A tug rests on the beach as firefighter assess the situation. ALAMO SEA - At 13:20 on Sunday, July the 21st 2019, your Los Santos Fire Department were called to reports of a tugboat that had beached itself off Marina Drive near Sandy Shores. Concerned for the safety of those on board and the risk to the environment, fire department resources were dispatched to the scene. On arrival members of Engine 1 and the elite Maritime Division found a tugboat that had indeed beached itself off Marina Drive. Members assessed the situation and determined that there was no threat to the environment, no significant damage to the boat and most importantly no one was injured. It was at this point additional resources arrived on scene to liaise with the Captain of the stranded vessel and the Los Santos Police Department about recovering the vessel that was resting in a precarious position and still posed a threat to life. Initially it was determined the best cause of action would be to utilise other tugboats to pull it back out to sea, how-ever both rivers into the Alamo Sea have low bridges, waterfalls and rapids. This option was quickly ruled out as not possible while other options were considered amongst several parties on scene. The Fire Department's primary concern being that the tilting Tug was in an unsafe position and could cause injury if not recovered properly. Through cooperation with the Maritime Division leader of the Fire Department, the Captain of the ship and the Los Santos Police Department, a plan was formed to pull the tugboat back out to sea using mooring cables, a team of dozers and rocks on the seabed. Shortly after reaching out, a team of Dozers from HVY arrived on scene to liaise with the parties involved. The cables were attached to the dozers and handed over to the Fire Department's dive team to secure to the seabed, and then the tug. Once the land and water was cleared of pedestrians, boats and vehicles - the dozers pulled the mooring cables and brought the tug back into the water. The operation was a success and the boat was able to resume operations in the Alamo Sea. There were no reported injuries, hazards to the environment or damage to the vehicle involved and by 15:45 was declared concluded. Dispatched LSFD Units: B1, E1, LP1 and MR1 as Dive 1, MS1
  12. Rather than have /camera spam the chatbox when you move around to get different photographic angles, have it popup above your head as it would with /ame.
  13. Nickname: ((Character's username)) E-mail: ((Character's email)) Comment: ((Text)) For better formatting and layout, check out the press releases on our website at lsfd.sa.gov/newsletters.
  14. Roof collapses after house fire in Banham Canyon Wednesday, July the 10th 2019 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie Fire apparatus surround the burning building. BANHAM CANYON - At 18:56 on Tuesday, July the 9th 2019, the Los Santos Fire Department were notified of a Brush Fire in the Banham Canyon, a standard Brush response was dispatched to the scene with Air Operations being put on standby. How-ever while en route further reports came in of a structure on fire, and the response was upgraded. On arrival at Inseno Road it was apparent that a three story coastal home was heavily involved in fire showing from the roof. An offensive attack was initiated and firefighters searched the structure, finding no one inside. Firefighters outside headed to the roof to try and knock down the fire while other firefighters surrounded the property to prevent spread to surrounding exposed property and brush. Due to the steepness and height of the roof, Firefighters struggled to make access to fire burning in the attic as it weakened the structure of the roof. At 19:34 a partial collapse of the roof occurred, forcing Firefighters off the roof and into defensive mode - meaning no one is allowed in or near the structure. The style of attack was changed as Firefighters focused the deluge guns on the roof and hit it with fire hoses from the outside. At 19:43 knock down was declared with the incident being concluded a short while later at 20:01. There were no reported injuries or damage to other properties. The cause and the cost of damage is currently being being investigated. Dispatched LSFD Units: B1, BR1, E1, E2, E3, RB1 The house while the roof was involved in fire.
  15. Cobra

    "Happy Birthday America! Your #LSFD are proud to serve this great country and respect the values of liberty, self-government, equality, individualism, diversity, and unity. "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." #4thJuly | #IndependenceDay | #Safe4th" Check out our Facebrowser for more posts like this.