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  1. Astr0


  2. Offering 80k for it.
  3. Hello, selling my Gresley Hellhound. Has a bunch of aftermarket parts, and insured. Asking for 190k for it. Contact me via my Email at [email protected] ((FORUM PM's)) If you're interested to purchase it. SOLD.
  4. Good luck finding one for sale after the recent government rules.
  5. ** THE CAR HAS BEEN SOLD, THIS LISTING HAS BEEN ARCHIVED. ** Hello! I have an Albany V-STR for sale. It is an immaculate car, tastefully modified with a bunch of aftermarket parts, and even a high-end security system. Including a complete lock replacement, a state-of-the art Anti-theft system, and an Alarm that immediatly calls the police (And you) once it's been activated. The car itself also has a custom license plate, "PRIVATE". My asking price is 330k, my highest offer is 300. In order to contact about the car, feel free to call me if I'm around at 4312, or send me an Email at [email protected] ((Forum PM.))
  6. Looking to purchase an Elegy Classic. Accepting all conditions. Send me an Email at [email protected] if you have one for sale (( Forum PM )) Or offer down below!
  7. My man is a genius. Just did my house on 3216 West Mirror Drive. Couldn't recommend him more.
  8. Astr0

    [4SALE] Novak

    Selling a Novak, looking for 180k. It is maxed out, registered and freshly insured. Contact me at 4312 or send me an Email.
  9. Hey Keane, you're a Manager now. Oh thanks Keane, very cool! No, you're very cool Keane. No, you're breathtaking. - Keane Reeves.
  10. Keane announcing Keane has been promoted to management be like: Just kidding, congratulations to everyone!
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