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  1. Kaasisbaas

    You already were an astonishing mapper on MTA:SA... but this? You blew my mind Tidemo.
  2. Kaasisbaas

    you still owe me lunch
  3. Kaasisbaas

    would smash garland 10/10
  4. Kaasisbaas

    best character on gtaworld
  5. Kaasisbaas

    We used the ingame editor.
  6. Kaasisbaas

  7. Hi! Welcome to our mapping (Mine and @Lucy's) portfolio! We really enjoy making maps, specifically interiors. We both have history/experience with mapping interiors on GTA:SA. Lucy on SAMP and Kaasisbaas on MTA:SA. Every time we make a new map, we'll most likely dump some screenies here! Thanks for checking it out ? PS. We'd love to get some feedback! Small apartment
  8. Kaasisbaas

    the real dad
  9. Kaasisbaas

    I honestly think that if you roleplay installing a camera outside of your OWN property, with proof of detailed roleplay, it should not require consent. It's just too easy to commit a crime and be like "nah man I dont agree to CCTV" and get away with it ezpz.
  10. Kaasisbaas

    Did that, now getting this.
  11. Kaasisbaas

    @SpawnMatrix cuz u my favourite photographer
  12. Kaasisbaas

    Lovely house in Vespucci Canals. The address is 108 Imagination court. Please e-mail me if you're interested and/or would like to view the property. House interior picture e-mail: [email protected]
  13. Are you a talented performer and want to gain more publicity with what you do in a friendly, welcoming environment while earning some money while doing that? Look no further! Looking for multiple musicians, stand-up comedians and any other talent that is enjoyable to watch and/or listen to. You will be performing on a fully-equipped stage, with professional audio equipment in front of people looking to enjoy their night accompanied by a drink. No pressure from your employer, only an encouraging, promoting, creative and open mindset. Interested? Send an email with your name, contact details and what you're good at doing. Displaying previous work is preferred and will improve your chances. E-mail: [email protected]